The Art of Life: Living a Balanced Life with Lagom

Too much of one thing can end up creating stress; this is something that no one needs in their life. But living a life in balance can provide harmony and peace.

– Catherine Pulsifer

At times, we all feel stressed while working for long hours at a stretch. However, if there is a concept that gifts us a more balanced lifestyle in which we can do work along with enjoying our life, it would be great, no?

So, how about finding the art of life that will teach us how to work not too much yet not too little; rather, work just enough?

This is Lagom, the Swedish art of being more productive yet enjoying the happiest version of you.

Living a Balanced Life with Lagom

In the real sense, the art of living with Lagom is all about living a balanced life.

The workaholic people tend to work more and more, with all their focus on their work and the future schedules like business meetings, client meetings and other intense responsibilities.

However, if they can have a rare combination of work-life balance, this will secretly work towards their productivity along with developing a good relationship with their loved ones.

This Scandinavian buzzword, Lagom is the key to opening the door towards a blissful life. Because often we feel too much stressed while working. However, at that moment, if we can practice this beautiful part of life, we can find bliss in life.

Lagom means to have everything in life, yet only good enough. In your everyday life, you can use Lagom to do everything just right. The origin of the word Lagom is the old Swedish word Laghum. This translates as according to law or sometimes this also translates as according to custom.

Doing everything in just the right amount is the main purpose of Lagom. This is a beautiful art of life in which you can work peacefully at your workplace.

Along with this, while working leveraging all your resources, you can also get small breaks. And at that time, you can strike a chord of balance between your flexibility of work; that could be attained by exploring creativity with enthusiasm. On the other hand, keep stability by focusing on your structured role at work.

Lagom: Living a Balanced Life

Lagom helps to lead the person to a delightful life as there will be scope for living a more balanced life.

Along with this, Lagom will also help to reduce the environmental impact on the person as well as improve his work-life balance.

Lagom is an extremely helpful art of life that helps you in living with decluttering the mind as well as it helps in decluttering your home too.

But what I love the most about Lagom is, by practising Lagom you can cherish the most beautiful relationships in life.

And this way, you will be able to spend time with your loved ones that will lead to a delightful life, indeed!

Well, I think I have done just enough work for today. As of now, it is my time for Lagom. What do you say?

Will meet you on Monday!

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16 responses to “The Art of Life: Living a Balanced Life with Lagom”

    • Yes Harjeet, that’s also I have learned from one of the topics in this series. Will be revealing that topic in ‘O’. So nice to see you here, means a lot. 😊


    • How wonderful to know that! While researching for this series, when I came across this term, I was glad to know about the rule of living a balanced life. Thanks for reading Anagha.


  1. Wow Swarnali. I’m loving these series and the theme you’ve chosen.
    I’m looking to balance my passion of writing with the other things that I enjoy doing. Didn’t know there was a term Lagom for it! Thank you for introducing it to us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even I was unaware of the concept of Lagom until I started researching this series. And instantly fell in love with it. Lagom is the key to balance our worlds and have mental wellness. Thanks for reading Ma’am 🙂


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