The Art of Life: Defining the purpose with Ikigai

Be led by your curiosity, and keep busy by doing things that fill you with meaning and happiness.

– Hector Garcia Puigcerver

For me, the concept of Ikigai is as vast as the universe and as deep as the soul.

Ikigai represents a beautiful Japanese concept. The word Ikigai is a combination of two terms; iki which means alive or life, and gai which means benefit or worth.

Therefore, when we will combine these two terms together, the terms give us the meaning of Ikigai is finding your life’s purpose or meaning.

In short, Ikigai means finding your purpose for being alive.

There is a French term raison d’etre that shares the similar meaning of Ikigai as these two mean Reason for Being.

It is said that Ikigai is a state of mind and wellbeing that will make you learn about the true purpose in life.

Along with this, Ikigai state can arise from a devotion to your favourite activities that you really like to do.

Defining the Purpose with Ikigai

You enjoy doing the jobs, never get bored and that job brings you a sense of contentment. Thus, you find a true sense of fulfilment in your being.

On the other hand, for many people, Ikigai is the reason to get up from your bed in the morning. Therefore, if you wake up to joy every morning, this will indicate that you have certainly found your Ikigai.

Find your Ikigai. This may sound very easy, but when you go for your hunt for finding the purpose in life, or more precisely, finding your Ikigai, this may seem more difficult than said.

Because we are made to live in such a life where we only focus on our bigger goals. Doing a lot of work, being more productive learning different skills, being a master of everything we do, earning more and being more successful than we desired, being happy with our relationships, and the list never ends.

As a result, we forget to enjoy the little things and ask ourselves, “What brings me peace?”

Along with this question, there are some other questions you need to ask yourself in order to find your Ikigai. One day, take a break from your life’s daily tasks, or you can also do it on your holiday.

Ikigai: Your Reason for Being

Sit in a lonely corner of your home and ask yourself,

“What brings me happiness?”

“What brings me contentment?”

“What brings me fulfilment?”

“What is the thing that pushes me out of my bed every morning, and makes me do it without thinking twice?”

“What is the thing that makes me feel alive?”

While finding the answers to the above questions, there may come only one word as your answer. Because, for me, it was writing and whenever I ask these questions to my inner self, I only find the answer, “writing”.

Among these all questions, the last question makes me think of the deepest of my soul. Because I have been there when I lost any hope for tomorrow, but thankfully, writing was there to make me come alive.

And I still remember the moment when it happened. It was like someone whispered to my ears, touched my soul, and gifted me a boon of rebirth.

Is not it true for everyone who has found their Ikigai?

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12 responses to “The Art of Life: Defining the purpose with Ikigai”

  1. I came to know of Ikigai when a book was released a couple of years ago. It became so popular that I knew I had to give it a go. Thank you for your blog post. You’ve made the concept even simpler.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for stopping by Shalini, means a lot. Glad you liked the post. Ikigai is something that is engraved in us, only to shine on at the right time 🙂


  2. It’s a lovely, uplifting post.

    I do not connect with the word though (for several reasons) but I love learning unusual words. I have a board for unusual/interesting words on Pinterest (and a thread on Twitter). Looking forward to your next word post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome Tarang! Please let me know the board’s name, I will follow that too. Thanks for stopping by, means a lot 🙂


  3. Each post is adding to my curiosity as to what new concept, what new word will Swarnali bring to the platter! iI must say, you have served us with a delectable spread.
    Ikigai is a beautiful concept to make life simple, easy and enjoyable. You have explained it so well. I loved the questions that you suggested to help one arrive at one’s Ikigai.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anagha I can’t explain in words how much your feedback means to me. I think here is the real success of my series and the research behind it. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, they really mean a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by, my blog and I feel privileged to have such a reader like you. 🌸🌸


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