The Art of Life: Taking a Break from Work with Fika

Let’s loosen up some time and take a break to re-calibrate our life.

– Erik Pevernagie

There is a secret to enjoying your work. Do you know how?

Well, that’s a secret!

I just came to know this a few days ago and thought of revealing it to you all. Let’s get to know the secret here.

Taking a Break from Work with Fika

Fika is the beautiful art of life that will reveal this secret to us. Through the art of life Fika, you can work yet enjoy the working hours by taking small breaks.

In the Swedish ritual, Fika is the art of living in which people love to gather at the small break from their work.

Along with this, they eat snacks and drink coffee during this break time. Also, they enjoy chatting with their friends or colleagues.

In this way, Fika is a welcoming tradition that is practised in the workplace.

In the Sweden culture, it is a definite tradition to have a small break during the long hours of work and enjoy the breaks.

The origin of the word Fika is a 19th-century word kaffi that when inverted, is derived as Fika.

Fika is a popular Swedish word that is translated as drinking coffee with munching sweet treats.

Along with this, the people also enjoy chatting with their friends and colleagues because this is an act of refreshment in the middle of the long working hours.

Fika: Taking a Break from Work

While working at the office, many times people feel monotonous for the consistent work assignments. As a result, they feel bored and thus, their productivity can lessen significantly.

But, instead of working continuously, if they can take small breaks and enjoy their breaks with munching sweet snacks and light talks with colleagues, it will refresh their moods. As a result, they will get back their energy to work more.

Although Fika means a coffee and cake break in the middle of your work, however, this is much more than only taking a break.

Fika is a nice art of life and a blissful concept. This is a state of mind and attitude of utilizing the coffee break time with the purpose of finding a momentary escape from the workload.

Fika is the art of life in which you take a pause from the hectic schedule at work and celebrate the momentary bliss of mind.

But make sure whenever you opt for this blissful art of life, Fika, you need to be slow and take the pause for your peace of mind. If you rush during your Fika time, there will be no meaning in taking that Fika break at all.

Well, it’s enough for me, sitting in the front of my laptop and typing consistently. Now it’s my time for Fika.

Friends, the coffee is ready, and I am going to have a cupcake to add another level to my Fika ritual. How about you join me?

Come, let’s have some Fika time together!

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13 responses to “The Art of Life: Taking a Break from Work with Fika”

  1. Such a timely post this is Swarnali. Every one should take a Fika to get oneself re oriented! Even people like us at home do need a little time in the middle of our household routine to get out of the monotony.
    Lovely article. 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely Radhika Ma’am. Everyone needs a Fika time to have peace of mind. Thanks for stopping by, means a lot 🙂


      • Absolutely Rashi. Taking a break is very important for feeling fresh and to return to work again. Thanks for reading.


  2. Fika is good even when you are working from home and all by yourself! I practice it very regularly. With a cup of coffee or just a cookie, I sit near the window and watch the things on the street and surrounding areas, as most of the time I am alone at home. The life outside is enough to break the monotony and refresh the spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow that’s a wonderful thing to know. Fika can be enjoyed by watching the outside with a cup of coffee. Yes I also do it sometimes. Always a mood lifter. Thanks for reading Anagha.


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