The Art of Life: Celebrating Everyday Happiness with Lykke

I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.

Paula Cole

When it comes to finding happiness in everyday things, there comes another beautiful art called Lykke. It is another Danish way to celebrate your everyday life, balancing your work-life and personal life and staying calm from within.

Whenever I get stuck amidst multitasking, I set a priority list. This is what we all usually do, right? The same happens for our life’s most essential things.

Therefore, if you can balance everything that comes your way, life becomes more peaceful.

And when you are finding the way in which you will have peace along with doing all the jobs in the right manner, there is nothing other than the art of life I am talking about today.

It is Lykke.

Celebrating Everyday Happiness with Lykke

If you want to celebrate life in the Lykke way, there comes six essential factors that will make you happy every day. These factors are togetherness, freedom, health, money, trust and kindness.

Let’s start with Togetherness. Who can deny the fact that being closer to your near and dear ones give you immense pleasure and this is a great way to celebrate your life?

Wherever you live in the world, when you come home and hug your dear ones with a broad smile, this is the key to finding happiness; more precisely, to celebrate happiness.

There is no better way to celebrate your life’s happiest hours together with your close ones.

Then comes Freedom. It is indeed a beautiful way to celebrate happiness. Being free from your everyday stress is indeed a blissful way.

So, escape from the hectic life routine for one day and go far from this urban lifestyle. Celebrate your happiness in some lonely corner, being lost in the lap of nature.

Lykke: Celebrating Everyday Happiness

Then comes Health and Money. Whether your health is always the first priority for you, there comes many factors that contribute to your overall wellbeing. Money is indeed a factor that can help you to achieve everything you want in life. However, making a wise choice can pave the way towards happiness, balancing between health and money.

Then comes trust. Since the days of childhood, we are being told to cultivate trust. Becoming trustworthy is a great way in which you can be happy from within as you win others’ trust by becoming loyal to them; along with being loyal to yourself too.

And now comes kindness. Being kind is one of the greatest ways you can celebrate your inner happiness. Kindness can fill your heart with happiness that will reflect the purity of your soul.

When you will show kindness to others, to every being on this earth, slowly you will cultivate compassion for yourself too. And being compassionate to yourself is indeed your key to celebrating the happiness of self-love.

So, what are you planning to celebrate life and happiness in the Lykke way?

Well, I am going to choose Freedom and Kindness, because tomorrow is a holiday for me!

I am going to celebrate my freedom by watching a movie and I will be also doing some self-care activities tomorrow, for being kind to myself.

And this is how I am going to celebrate Lykke in my life.

Wishing you all Happy Lykke!

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9 responses to “The Art of Life: Celebrating Everyday Happiness with Lykke”

  1. I think being kind instinctively, without any reason or expecting anything in return is the best way to live one’s life. It doesn’t cost you at all, but in return gives you a sense of happiness

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely Harshita. Live life in your own way, follow your own rule of happiness and let the world spin. Thanks for reading.


  2. Without togetherness, freedom, health, money, trust and kindness life would only be like existing, breathing but never ‘living it king size’. For that matter, I feel even when one single component is missing, the quality of life will have a huge dent.

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  3. You have encapsulated all that happiness is, rather perfectly. However, I think it is almost impossible to attain everything…and hence the pursuit of happ(y)ness itself is a futile chase.
    I guess that’s where ‘Lykke’ comes in…balance is key!
    However, at the end of the day, happiness is but a state of mind.


    • Absolutely. Very rightly said Priyanka, happiness is a state of mind. We should focus on our own way of being happy. Thanks for stopping by dear.


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