The Art of Life: Calming Your Anxious Mind with Mångata

Dear Moon, Slowly enlighten my heart with your lovely, silvery, dancing, miraculous light.

Debasish Mridha

When translated into English, the word Mångata means ‘the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water.’

As I came across this beautiful Swedish word, I remembered a night from my school days. I was at my English tuition, my English teacher was reading along with a poem from the textbook (the name of the poetry I can’t recall now).

The poem was all about enjoying the serenity and calmness of a moonlit night. My teacher was reading the poetry and teaching us the meaning of every line of it.

As I started learning the meaning, slowly, I became lost in the imagery of that beautiful poem, moonlit night, the moon alone in the night sky, glowing with the divine aura, watching the stream and listening to the flowing water, bathing in the gracious white beam of light; everything seemed so blissful.

And this is what Mångata. It tells you to find peace within the moments that we spend with the lonely moon, and feel the bliss around.

Calming Down the Anxious Mind with Mångata

In its real essence, Mångata refers to the reflection of the moon, but especially the long and glimmering reflection that we can see on a usually large body of water.

When the moon reflects in such a way, it resembles a street that will seem like shining with the aura of a moonlit night.

The word Mångata has its origin from the words mane which means moon, and gate which means road or street or path. Thus it forms this poetic word Mångata, making it a poetic word that literally means a moon-road or a moon-path.

Mångata: The Roadlike Reflection of Moonlight on Water

When we are stressed or having a round of anxious thoughts for several days, then we must need some moments of calm.

And this is what we can achieve when we will walk in the moonlit night, preferably beside the stream.

If you can see the moon at the night, and see its reflection on the river water, it gives you a sense of bliss.

And within this blissful serenity, your mind will find the calm that is extremely helpful to find a way to get rid of your anxious mind.

It’s already 9 pm at night, and I am moved by this concept of Mångata. I am planning to go for my night walk in the garden, watching the silvery moon, glowing with divine bliss.

When was the last time you had a night walk with the moon?

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6 responses to “The Art of Life: Calming Your Anxious Mind with Mångata”

  1. I came across this term a couple of years back and immediately fell in love with it.
    I recall reading about a similar meaning word in English, ‘Moonglade’.

    Ever noticed how everything about the moon is so lovely? 🙂

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