The Art of Life: Practising Compassion with Omoiyari

There is nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness.

– John Connolly

If I say, compassion heals, would you believe me?

But it has happened to me. While passing through the phase of despair and grief, I discovered an amazing power in kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Being compassionate does not only help in seeing the world from a new perspective but also helps in healing your pain.

You heal yourself by healing others.

And this healing is not about being compassionate for someone and expecting something in return. This healing is all about healing your inner self, by stretching your hands towards the one who needs a touch of compassion.

This is what I learn from Omoiyari, the art of life that teaches us how selfless compassion can heal you.

Practising Compassion with Omoiyari

Omoiyari is a Japanese culture of reaching out to those who need you the most at this moment and holding their hands to help them come out from the crisis, you will find the true happiness of life.

When it comes to cultivating compassion in you, if you can learn the art of being compassionate to others with feeling their pain or sorrow or grief, or what they really need at this right moment, you can act in such a way that will make them at ease.

In this way, they will be happier and more comfortable with time and seeing them happy, your heart will be filled with happiness, too.

Omoiyari teaches us how being compassionate selflessly can make you learn their perspective and you can anticipate their needs. If you can help them out, then you can embrace happiness within.

Omoiyari: Sending One’s Altruistic Feelings to Others

This is a deep concept of life. Many people do not pay attention to others’ needs, and always love to stay with their own needs and fulfilling their own wishes. But this is not life, do you think so?

What is life if you don’t hold others’ hands when they need you the most? Well, I don’t want to indulge myself in this debate about life, because all I wish is to bring the blissful truths of life to my readers.

Omoiyari tells us to show some care and consideration to the ones who are depriving them at this moment.

Bringing joy and happiness to your own life is great, but when you will hold the hands of others and guide them towards their own joy and happiness, recovering them from distress or helping them out to get rid of the situation they have been passing through now, is the real happiness.

And this truth is revealed when I learned about Omoiyari. How beautiful does the concept of selfless compassion seem?

When you will delve deeper, you will come to know that Omoiyari tells us the secret of living life with the art of giving.

If you can give your kindness to the ones who need it, with your empathy and compassion, you will find happiness even in the smallest things that can bring unbound joy.

Because this is how you step towards making a difference, and you will be introduced to the beauty of life.

Are you with me?

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13 responses to “The Art of Life: Practising Compassion with Omoiyari”

  1. Yes. I believe. We heal ourselves when we heal others. 🕊✨🤍 Helping and encouraging others in turn helps me. Your post resonates with me. Blessings and peace to you 🕊🤍✨

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  2. What a great concept! I’ve never heard of this expression but I think as everything, this also needs balance. We need to heal ourselves as well with kindness, not just others. And I know in some cases it’s easier to be kind to others than to ourselves – but maybe that’s exactly why it’s important, because it’s more difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rightly said, sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves. But at that time, it is mostly needed. Thanks for reading. Means a lot 🙂


  3. Such a beautiful beautiful post this is! Omaoyori sounds like the perfect art of life if only one can get out of one’s own zone and reach out to those in need!
    I especially love the pertinent quotes at the beginning of each article. Good job Swarnali! 🤩🤩

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