The Art of Life: Letting Go and Moving On with Pyt

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.

– Steve Maraboli

Suppose you feel frustrated amidst your hectic life routine, and something happens that make you angry and you are unable to control the situation. What will you do at that time?

Well, I will do, Pyt.

Whether we can’t translate the word Pyt into English, we can bring out its essence of calm.

Letting Go and Moving On with Pyt

Pyt is essentially a cultural concept that is hugely practised in Denmark. It is mainly a way of cultivating healthy thoughts that will help to deal with your stressful life.

However, Pyt is more of a habit that makes us learn the act of letting go. Whenever we want to forget the past, we often tell ourselves to let it go.

Whether be it a grieving memory, or a moment of heartbreak, or slipping from the ladder of success, or broken relationships and a nightmare that passed a lot more like these, we often tell ourselves, ‘let it go.’

This is the Pyt way of saying, ‘just forget it, and better you let it go.’

Pyt: Let it Go and Move On

When you delve deeper, Pyt is the art of life that tells you to move on, and this is how you can find peace at this moment. Often we stay in the same thing for long and the thing, the situation becomes worse over time.

This has happened in my life and I have learned from those lessons that sometimes, it is the best way to find peace if you can ignore the chaotic situation, simply by moving on.

And this is what Pyt says. In this art of life, we can learn that if we can ignore the situation that is becoming worse if we stay longer, there is a possibility of losing control of anger. At that moment, it is better to just ignore it, and leave it as it is.

Because often it happens that if you start being too attached to something that is making you angry or stressed or frustrated, the situation can go out of control as you might do something that you should not do. And what will happen next? Your mind will lose all its calm.

But, just think for once, if you can ignore it and move on instead of staying there, or walk ahead to your own purpose of life, and let it go, how beautifully you will welcome peace to your life?

And here lies the secret of Pyt.

Although it seems too difficult for me to forget my past mistakes, and stop regretting them. However, as I have learned a beautiful art of life just now, I would prefer to embrace it for my future goals.

Who cares about the past?

Well, just say, “Pyt”, because it is time to move on.

Are you sailing with me on the same boat?

Okay then, let’s Pyt.

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