The Art of Life: Turning the Relaxing Mode On with Wu Wei

Sometimes doing nothing makes way for everything.

– Hiral Nagda

When I start talking about the importance of doing nothing, there might be a chance I write an essay with countless words, or I keep talking for nearly one week, or, one month!

Because I so love this concept of doing nothing. Okay, call me lazy or a procrastination lover, whatever you like, but I really like the idea of spending time simply doing nothing.

In reality, I find very little time to enjoy life by doing nothing. Most of us are always occupied with so many tasks that slowly we become the master of the art of multitasking.

But when it comes to enjoying your time by simply doing nothing it seems a hard task for us. I was introduced to the concept of Niksen by my fellow blogger friend, and as soon as I came to know about it, I fell in love with the concept.

I wrote an article on the same few months ago. You can read what Niksen means and how you can practice the art of doing nothing in the Niksen way here.

Since I wrote that blog post, I was in search of strange or surprising concepts of life that can give us peace of mind, escaping the daily stress and anxiety.

While researching for my series, I came across another such concept that celebrates the art of doing nothing.

Turning the Relaxing Mode On with Wu Wei

Wu Wei, a concept that is celebrated in Chinese Philosophy, is an act of non-doing.

When you will read this for the first time, you might think that Wu Wei is all about falling into laziness or relaxing in a peaceful way, forgetting about all your daily stress.

Yet this is a concept of life that unlocks the key to bringing out your full potential. In its true essence, Wu Wei teaches us how staying inactive sometimes can be extremely helpful to become the best version of yourself.

If you can spend some hours absolutely being idle, when your idle mode will over, you can get back your energy and this way you can work more now.

After practising Wu Wei, you will discover the truth about life that sometimes, we get into the state of doing or being that is effortless action.

And this is how Wu Wei can bring your mind to the most peaceful state of mind by simply doing nothing.

Because when you will turn your relaxing mode on with Wu Wei, you will allow your mind, body, and soul to be calm and peaceful.

Wu Wei: No Action Or Non-doing

Along with this, you will feel refreshed after coming back to your active mode, after spending some Wu Wei hours being idle. When you will be back, you can feel how essential was this peace for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

I practice doing nothing frequently, by stretching my body and relieving my stress for at least fifteen minutes.

Also, sometimes I practice doing nothing while sipping my morning tea and watching the trees outside my window.

Another favourite way of my doing nothing is watching my neighbourhood kids playing in the afternoon, and slowly watching the changing colours in the sunset sky.

How do you practice Wu Wei in your life?

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7 responses to “The Art of Life: Turning the Relaxing Mode On with Wu Wei”

  1. Totally cute post. Spending time doing nothing is actually relaxing and I can vouch for it. I can spend a lot of time at the window or balcony of the house simply watching the hustle and bustle of life below. It’s truly relaxing believe me! Loved the post Swarnali 🤩🤩

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They say fasting improves gut health as with fasting it has less of work. Wu Wei seems to be the fasting for multitasking brain and wandering mind. I liked this concept. May be once a week I should put half an hour or so for doing nothing.


  3. Wu Wei seems similar to La Dolce Far Niente, the Italian art of taking pleasure in doing nothing. I do love to take time out, and do nothing. Standing in the balcony watching the people below as they bustle about is one of the way. The best way though is to watch the plants grow…literally


    • Yes Tarang bcz we are always in a hustle to work as per our to-do list. But doing nothing moments give us so much peace of mind. Thanks for reading. I thought you left the challenge, didn’t see your posts in blog picks. Might be missed by me.


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