The Art of Life: Turning Off the Online Mode with Koselig

Resting is immensely powerful to ignite the glorious star within you. Power yourself by powering up your relaxing game.

– Hiral Nagda

If you are wondering about the art of life that will help you to enjoy every bit of cosiness, and find happiness within that contentment and peace, then it is time to have some time for Koselig.

The people who can find happiness in the winter season, in the hot cup of coffee and within the warmth of your blanket, it is a nice way to find pleasure in these little moments of cosiness.

When translated to find the meaning, Koselig can be found as a sort of togetherness that is shared and safe.

Turning Off the Online Mode with Koselig

In its true essence, Koselig means to find happiness that encompasses the feeling of safe, warmth, and good.

When winter comes, I find immense pleasure in the warmth of a blanket, while sipping my cup of coffee and watching the sunset. It is my favourite hobby during the cold winter days.

I choose my favourite book, with my favourite playlist in the loop, wrapping myself in the shawl and getting lost in the cosiness.

However, Koselig is not only meant to find the happiness in cosiness that you will find inside your house. If you are a wanderer, a nature lover, then you can find it outside too.

All you need is to step out to the woods, have a bonfire or some other fireplaces and wrap your shawl. Within that cosiness, you will find happiness that is indeed a Koselig way of contentment.

Also, if you can burn a candle and sit around it, wrapping a shawl, a cup of coffee and savouring every bit of the cosiness, it will be Koselig too.

Koselig: Feeling Cozy and Comfortable

In the winter days, one more thing I often do is turn the online mode off. I like to sit under the sun, feel the serenity of the winter morning, wrap the shawl around me and read my favourite books. Even I start my preparing my winter reading list before the season of winter approaches here.

I frequently take digital detox in winter. However, this is another way you can enjoy Koselig.

When you enjoy being together with your loved ones and celebrating the happiness around with them, it is also a Koselig way of happiness.

Whether you love to be with people and enjoy being surrounded by your friends and family members, Koselig is all about finding contentment with them all.

Although winter is far away, this year winter I will enjoy Koselig to the fullest!

What about you?

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