The Art of Life: Giving Value to Your Leisure Time with Susegad

Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.

– Akiroq Brost

When I want some time for relaxation, I say, “It’s enough, now it’s time for some leisure activities.”

But what do the Goan people say when they need their leisure time for relaxation? Well, they would like to say in Konkani, ‘Maka suseg di’, that means give me peace or quiet.

Susegad is a Konkani word that means to have a sense of contentment and fulfilment with various activities of relaxation.

In the Goan culture, Susegad is the way in which the Goan people find peace of mind with relaxation.

Giving Value to Your Leisure Time with Susegad

Susegad comes from a Portuguese word. From the word ‘sossegado’ which means quiet, comes this Goan culture of Susegad.

Although I find very little time for relaxing my mind, I emphasise this because relaxing is a wonderful way to have a peaceful mind.

In our hectic schedule, we find very little time to give our minds a chance to relax. Always we are prone to work, work, and work more.

However, many times unknowingly, our minds keep working even while we are inactive. This is a strange fact that made me ponder upon my lifestyle.

And meanwhile, I discovered that I keep tracking my to-do list all the time, sometimes even while going for sleeping. But very recently, I realized that giving value and importance to your relaxation time or leisure time is equally important to giving priority to your work.

Susegad: A Perennial State of Contentment

While researching for this series, when I came across the culture of Susegad, I found it very interesting. Susegad teaches us that wherever you may live in this world, you can add a sparkle of magic to your monotonous life with the help of Susegad.

This can be achieved by going for a vacation and watching nature. Or you can also watch the trees and go for a trip to the woods, or sleep amidst the lush greenery. Or, you can have exquisite cuisine and give yourself a treat of delicious foods.

Going for a vacation might feel like a waste of time and money for many of us. However, Susegad is indeed a peaceful way of finding a momentary escape from your monotony.

Susegad tells us how to create healthy habits and lifestyle routines that can lend us some moments of blissful happiness, and it helps to calm our lives.

In its truest essence, Susegad is the wonderful way to find the sweetness of everything that comes your way. It reminds you that life can be lived by living at a slow pace, enjoying your leisure time in your own way.

Summer has come too early this year, and I am too tired of sitting inside the room. Now, I must have my leisure time.

I am going to find my own Susegad, what about you?

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