The Art of Life: Realizing the Zeal of Life with Kefi

I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could.

Evel Knievel

I started this series with the purpose of finding ways of happiness and peace from different corners of the world.

When I started researching the concepts of happiness and peace from across the globe, at first, I thought it was my pursuit of happiness.

But after some days, when I researched more and came to know about more concepts, I realized, happiness is not something that you can define with a word.

Happiness is not a mere word, rather, it is a journey, it is a process.

Happiness is an inward journey and an eternal process. In this process, there will be many truths, revealed to you in the most surprising way.

This is what happened to me while writing this series. When I realized that this series is going to be something more than my pursuit of happiness, I named it The Art of Life.

I started this series with the Greek word Ataraxia, and surprisingly, while searching for the twenty-sixth concept of joy, happiness and peace, I came across another beautiful Greek word that revealed to me another secret of happiness.

Today I want to talk about Kefi.

Realizing the Zeal of Life with Kefi

The word Kefi means to celebrate the spirit of joy, your passion, the sense of euphoria and your enthusiasm.

This is the feeling when you overpower your emotion and let go of everything that comes your way of being happy. You feel happy, you feel content, and you are aware of this present moment.

Kefi is something beyond celebrating momentary happiness. It is beyond everything, because it is something that you can only feel when you are happy with your all.

Kefi is not only being happy but also allowing yourself to feel this joyful moment and let this pulse of happiness go deep down your body and soul.

Kefi: The Spirit of Joy

Kefi is all about living in the present moment, by enjoying what is happening around you and allowing the feel of joy to cherish.

Kefi is being happy to the fullest, but also to feel every pulse of this happiness.

You can practice Kefi by having gratitude for everything you have right now. You can also practice Kefi by connecting with your loved ones and being with them for a little longer. It’s about dancing madly to your favourite song and watching the rainbow beyond the horizon.

Kefi is cherishing every moment of happiness, by being an inevitable part of it. And you will realize the true essence of Kefi only when you will do it yourself.

Because only reading about Kefi is not enough, it is more about feeling than knowing from someone else.

The route towards happiness differs for each person, and this is why the definition of happiness is different for you and me.

Happiness is eternal, happiness is your very own.

When you will have your Kefi time, only then you will realize the zeal of being true to yourself.

What a zeal to feel Kefi, isn’t it?

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10 responses to “The Art of Life: Realizing the Zeal of Life with Kefi”

  1. I loved reading your series Swarnali, like I said you are a ray of sunshine. In your post you have written that happiness is a journey and I wish you all the very best in this journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The feeling is mutual Harshita. Thank you so much for being with me always. Sending you best wishes and good vibes. ✨✨


  2. Congratulations on successful completion of A2Z challenge Swarnali.
    With your posts, I have added a lot many positive thoughts and words to my dictionary. These positive thoughts are immensely helpful. I am thinking of making a calendar of these concepts and follow the day with the positivity of the word of the day! Once again thank you for this beautiful series. I wish you all the best for your book on these thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Anagha. I am not planning to bring a book with these concepts, but I have decided to come with more of such words and concepts of peace and happiness in the coming days. Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful reader to my series, your words encouraged me a lot. The planning of making a calendar with one word of the day sounds amazing!! Thanks for all the love and support Anagha. Sending you lots of good wishes and positive vibes. 😊✨✨🌸


  3. To feel every pulse of happiness is a true boon! May we all feel this way. Thank you, Swarnali, for teaching us some beautiful words with their equally beautiful meanings. Kudos on having completed the challenge as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wishing you the same Deepti. Though I was not able to read all your posts yet I managed to read some of them. Am very glad that we have befriended through this challenge. Sending you good wishes 🌸


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