Mindful Living in times of hustle and bustle seems hard, but it’s not an impossible thing. You only need some moments to breathe, balance between your life’s priorities, and believe in your abilities.

At The Blissful Storyteller, I share easy and simple tips for living a peaceful life, breathing in a little deeper, and slowing down a little more. 

Along with this, I write ways to build a deeper connection with yourself. If you are looking for ways to relieve your stress and embrace calm in your everyday moments, you are at the right place. 

Welcome to The Blissful Storyteller, your own place for calm.

Meet the Founder:

Hi there! I am Swarnali, the creator behind this blog, The Blissful Storyteller and the founder of The Peace Stories Initiative. 

I provide my readers a space for mental and emotional well-being, and send my message of hope, love, and peace to the world with the gentle reminder, ‘There Is Still Room for Light’.

I research the small acts of change that help in transforming one person for the betterment of personal development, by taking care of their mental and emotional wellness. Along with this, I write on ways of cultivating healthy habits, nurturing a positive mindset, and practicing mindfulness in daily life to find your inner calm in everyday moments.

I provide a personalized self-care kit to my readers where they will find some mindful activities, along with a set of positive affirmations and journaling prompts, specially designed based on my research. They can also get their printed editions to practice Mindfulness in daily life.

I run my storytelling Initiative where I collect and curate stories of self-discovery, personal winning, healing journeys, transformation, and a lot more. The Peace Stories is a space where the storytellers send their messages of hope, love, and peace to the world, to bring sunshine amidst the darkness.

My Works:

I have been featured in FeedSpot, Women’s Web, Sharing Stories, StoryMirror, Readomania, TollFeed, Top Bloggers of India, IndiBlogHub, Razzmatazz with RashiThe Thank You Blog, Mothers Gurukul, and more.

I have published two eBooks – You Are Blooming and A Letter to Tomorrow. Both books are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

I am a regular contributor to Speaking Tree and Women’s Web.