The Peace Stories

The Peace Stories is a digital space where we collect and curate some beautiful stories from the walk of life. The stories that help you to keep going. The stories that inspire you to see dreams and whisper the song of hope in your every breath. The stories that remind you, wherever you are, there is still room for light.

Because you are alive.

You are alive with every little thing that makes you proud of who you are. You are alive with all your imperfections. You are alive with all your brokenness and yet you are a beautiful mess. 

At The Peace Stories, we share positive affirmations, messages of hope, words of wisdom, reminders for self-compassion, letters, and a lot of beautiful things, wrapped with a shimmering touch of kindness. 

In between, we listen to the stories. Stories of hope, stories of love. Stories that inspire, stories that empower. Stories that are magic, stories that can do wonders. Stories of recovery, stories of healing. Stories of self-discovery and personal winning. 

Stories of you and me. Stories of transformation, stories of peace. We strongly believe that stories have the power to bring the season of metamorphosis.

Thus we are building a space for calm and bliss. A space for counting our blessings. A space for just breathing and being.

I welcome you all to be a part of my initiative. Come along, let’s build our very own community of storytellers. 

Together we smile, together we heal.

Here Are What We Do at The Peace Stories:

  • We tell stories
  • We collect gratitude notes
  • We write letters
  • We cultivate self-love
  • We converse on peace and purpose
  • We share reminders, positive affirmations, and journaling prompts

Everyone has a story to tell; what if yours can bring a smile to someone’s face? What if your story can be a part of someone’s healing process? What if your story can change someone’s life forever? The world is waiting to hear you. 

Share your peace story today.

Mail me your queries to become a storyteller on my initiative at