Featured & Published

Featured Poems:

  1. The first writing piece of me got featured was my poem on divine love named “Colours Of Me” by an online poetry community “My Writers Abode”.


Read the poem here.

2. Another poem on divine love named “I am you & you are me” was my second featured poem for an online poetry community named Writers Desk”. 


Read the poem here.

3.My poem “An Unfinished Poem” was featured in an online poetry community named “Official PWO”.


Read the poem here.

4. My poem “I Bleed Red” got published in another blog named “Being A Thinkaholic” by blogger Arushi Seth. It’s a poem based on my voice against the Menstruation Taboo.

Read the poem here.


Published Stories:

My micro tale “Liberation” was published in “StoryMirror”.

Read the story here.


Featured Quotes:

 My quote on self love was featured in “The Project Quote”.


Check out my quote gallery “A Quote To Remember” for my all quotes.