Just Blog

Sometimes, I want nothing in life.

Because I have,

Nothing to wish, but everything to give.

I have nothing to hide,

Just to flow with the tide,

Diving deep into the ocean of love.

I have nothing to lose, nothing to gain,

Nothing to wait for the summer rain,

Only to drench my beloved soul,

In the colours of your own,

And to dance beyond..

I thought you were miles apart,

But I see your smile in my heart,

Only then I realize,

I am You, and,

You are me.


Just Blog!Words give me power, writing gives me freedom, my wings to fly, to touch the sky. Since childhood, I love to write as in the words I can express my thoughts, my opinion. When I was introduced to the world of blogging, I was a newcomer. A novice, a beginner. I often wondered that how I came to the world of blogging, absolutely in an unpredictable way. Now, I have the answer. I always wanted to speak out, to write my own words to give my own opinion. I always found my solace in writing, but what blogging gifted me, is incredible. I discovered a storyteller who was sleeping inside me. I found my own story to tell the whole world. Now, I have flagged off my journey, to tell a story new, that can inspire millions, not a few. Story is power, stories can be alive if we can bring a life in it. This is a notebook where I pen down my random thoughts. A place of my own where I just write, without thinking twice. And what next? I go to just blog it!  Stay tuned with me, you’ll get me know eventually. Till then, Happy Blogging!