Blogging & Writing Challenges:

Image Courtesy : Blogchatter
1. ‘The Saffron Journal’ is participated in a month long campaign for the first time on September 2019. This blog is a member of the ‘Blogchatter’ community. They organised an event named ‘My Friend Alexa 2019’ in the month of September, 2019. It was an important event of the Blogoverse, as we bloggers want to increase our Alexa rank as well as we want to be read by our co bloggers. For us, this is a golden opportunity to read others blogs and be read by other bloggers. And thus, we learn together, we grow together.

Read all the posts here.

2. On November 2019, I participated on a month long creative writing challenge organised by StoryMirror where we were given 30 different topics to pen our thoughts.

I successfully completed it and emerged as a winner of this challenge. I won a winning trophy and a certificate of appreciation as reward. With this achievement, I was promoted to the designation of ‘Literary Colonel’ by StoryMirror and they nominated me for the coveted Author Of The Year award.

3. ‘The Saffron Journal’ participated in a two weeks blogging challenge on the theme of ‘The Last Decade’. I successfully completed this challenge and wrote a musing on my experiences of the last decade.