Phenomenally, Me


In my every breath, I am writing a book. In my every blink, I am weaving a story. The book is being written since years, perhaps, before my birth. When the universe blessed my mother sending its messenger to the earth. The light she embraced, the love she was bestowed on. From that very moment, this book is being written. I started weaving this story in my mother’s womb. Without any words, without any ink, I wrote the first chapter of the book I call, ‘Life’. Since then, this delicate soul has been nurtured, transformed, and bloomed.

I travel within my heart, and I find some shabby corners there. Sometimes, you’ll see some pieces here, which I’ve written exploring some of the deepest alleys through my soul. They’re like the flower’s broken petals, homeless, for years. They’re like the shattered pieces of the stars lying on the ground, awaiting to shine in unison.

I embrace my scars as my glory, for I find them as the echo of the light that shines from within. This series is my story of becoming, the path my soul has travelled so far, unravelling some stories a thousand years old. Yes, I believe, this soul is as old as the universe. Seeking, unveiling, blooming. And these scars are the sign that I have battled, I have bled, I have survived.

They are my light, my glory.