Little Dreams

Dreams are beautiful. We live for our dreams, we breath to live in the dreams we have seen so far. But, I love to see little dreams. For I believe, they have little beauties disguised in their budding petals, waiting to be bloomed like a beautiful flower. Some months ago, while writing a letter to my father, I realized, I love to write letters, as i can pour my heart on the paper, and then, it becomes a story itself, inked with my heart’s deepest of emotions. I also found, whenever I start writing a short piece, I can reveal my unspoken words into this unorganized, messy array of some isolated thoughts. Without thinking deep, I can write it deepest of all. Thus, I started writing letters and scribbles. When it came to naming them, I wanted to give a name that would be little, but having a big purpose behind. And what could be bigger than the word ‘Dreams’, say? So I call them, ‘Little Dreams’, for they are my little things, cloaked with some bigger meaning to life.


Letters & Scribbles:

Ever wonder, we have so many words around us? Ever thought, they can have a life? They have a story to tell? I believe, just like us, the words bear stories, too.

They are all storytellers. 

Some stories are written in book, but some are written in the notebook of the heart. Whenever we want to tell what our heart feel, we need a page to write these words of us. This is a note to ‘Life’, this is a note to ‘You’. So, whenever you want to express your pain or smile or anything else, just pen down your thoughts in your heart,

The Notebook Will Bring It Out..

So, this is my new journey towards a new genre of storytelling. I am writing stories in a scribbled form, sometimes, I am writing letters to life and its beautiful gifts to me. Be with me, there are lots coming your way. Till then, stay tuned. 

Read my letters and Scribbles here.


Write A letter To ‘Life’:

It’s a letter writing project I have started recently. Here, you are questioned,

“If you are given a chance to write a letter to life, what would you love to write?”

I ask this question to everyone, and I collect their letters here. Stay tuned with me, and read beautiful letters sent to our dearest ‘Life’.

You can send me the letter to my letterbox. Write to me at (1)

So, what are you waiting for? Take the pen and paper, and start writing a letter to ‘Life’.