Thoughts & Opinions

The girl comes to the new city, with a heart full of dreams. She wanders in the streets, dances in the rain, gets her soul drenched in the rain drops. She feels them on her face, and her stories come alive, once again. With the shimmering stars in the sky and the dusky city lights, she sails her paper boat of dreams, and starts to write the diary of her own. All she wants to tell the world is,

“We all have a story sleeping inside us. Wake it up.”

I was new in the city. The city of love, city of hatred. The place of fake happiness and pure sadness. I lost my voice to speak out loud, I lost my vision to see new dreams. I was completely lost in the new city. 

After watching the movie Wake Up Sid, I was overwhelmed by the fascinating character of Ayesha. I wanted to be like her. I wanted to write awesome pieces of articles and to get published. Little did I knew, it was a childhood dream only. Life is not a movie at all. It has ups and downs, it rules you in its own way. I lost my dream somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the city.

New Girl

Do you know what is the most beautiful thing on earth? To see your childhood dream coming true in an absolutely unpredictable way. Trust me, it does, I’ve experienced it. One day, I was back to writing, unknowingly.  While expressing my longing, my deep rooted loneliness through my words, I discovered a newer self of me. Perhaps, the newest, the best. It was the most beautiful self of me. I started dreaming, again. I found my voice, once again. And now, I have my own wings to fly, to touch the sky. Beyond the rainbow, beyond the horizon. There lives a magical world where all the dreams come true. All you need is the note of motivation, the song of inspiration. And you have all of them in your heart. They are confined in the soul. Sing it, dance with the rhythm of happiness. And yes, dare to dream. The dream you see today, have the courage to set off your journey towards it. You have the power inside, so, come alive, your dream is waiting for you. The world is waiting for your story. Are you there?

Women are part of this society. They are everywhere in the world. But, now a days we are facing a lot of social issues that make our bonding stronger. We stand together to fight, we join hands to make this world a better place. To live, to love, to laugh.

I write on my thoughts and put my own opinions in my blog. I raise my voice against the Menstruation Taboo. I write on the social issues also.

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