Bhavani Junction

‘Bhavani’ is another name of Maa Durga. The anthology of women stories I am writing on my journal is named ‘Bhavani Junction’. The name is derived from a historical fiction book that shares the same name, set on the colonial period of India. ‘Bhavani Junction’ was a fictional town near Jhansi. But my anthology is a chronicle of  women stories from Past and Present. ‘Bhavani Junction’ is an anthology being written by me, that curates she stories of India. Sometimes told, sometimes untold.

We are women, the embodiment of ‘Shakti’. Sometimes mother, sometimes daughter. Sometimes sister, sometimes a friend, a lover. A hater, a sinner. Who is a woman? She is ‘Shakti’, the power within. She is the light that guides a child from his birth towards his growing life, she is the shelter that gives many a lives a peaceful destination. She plays thousands roles together. Sometimes she dances with the rhythm of heart, sometimes she sings with the song of her soul. She is a princess of her father, she is the queen of her soulmate. Who am I?, often she wonders. At the end of the day, she finds her answer.

She is a warrior, scars make her more beautiful than the diamond necklace. 

When the battle ends, when the longest nightmare escapes into a splendid daybreak, she embraces the morning glory, and the first ray of the Sun adorns her with the crown of triumph. She has no time to look back. Riding her horse, she comes to her place of solitude. She stops, and comes down of her horse. Watching her empire from the highest peak of the mountain, she starts to write the story of her own.

She names it,  She Story- Fairy tale of her own.

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About ‘The Queen Project’:

Queen is someone who battles everyday, and wins over the darkness. Queen is Daughter Of The Fire, the flame that is blazing beyond the eternity, the sea that roars inside you. When a girl is born to her father, she is treated like a princess by him. But, for her mother, she is a warrior, she is born to rule her fate instead of becoming a puppet of the destiny. When a girl passes through the dreadful night of thunderstorms, the night leaves behind a warrior, with some scars and pain. She wins the battle, and crowned with the glorious daybreak, she becomes, ‘Queen’.

‘The Queen Project’ is a Mini Journal where I am collecting and curating brave women’s story.  This is a part of my blog “The Saffron Journal”. I have some friends with me, someone writer, someone artist, someone photographer or storyteller. I call them my queens. We are proud to be a woman of our choice, and we spread the message of the power of resilience through our works. 


What brought me here:

“Meri kahani sunogi?”

Someone whispered into my ears. I got shivered, and woke up from the dream. I looked around, but I found nobody was there. Then I opened my eyes, again. I heard a voice, again. It was telling me that she wants to tell her story, but her voice is choked. Would I help her out to find her voice? 

And I found ‘Queen’, right where you are now. This is the place where we will share such stories of women who were silenced for long, but now, they want to tell their stories. 

‘Queen’ is the place where we share our stories. Sometimes told, sometimes untold. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy. We shed tears together, we smile together. We share stories of love, friendship, failures, success, struggles, family, bonding, passion, dreams.. anything, and everything. We write stories of ‘Life’. 


Women are part of this society. They are everywhere in the world. But, now a days we are facing a lot of social issues that make our bonding stronger. We stand together to fight, we join hands to make this world a better place. To live, to love, to laugh. 


We have many women as our leaders. They are heroines, they are warriors. All their works are our source of inspiration. We curate them here to inspire more women in the journey. 


My Queens:


Saheli Nath, Artist of ‘Queen’

Saheli Nath is an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer. She is a skilled painter and artist. Her interest lies in paintings of women and colours of womenhood. She loves to sketch.

She is a brilliant portrait artist. She loves to paint through paper collages, too. She has an Art Blog named “Arts & Tales Blog” where she curates her artistic works.

Oh Yes! One special thing I just forgot to tell you about this cutie pie! She is the best gift I’ve ever received from the universe. She is my younger sister, too! (Happily annoying me everytime I want to read a book, and disturbing me when I sit for my quilling projects, hasshhh. But, proudly standing beside me through thick and thin, and being my backbone of life! )

Check her amazing paintings in my blog under the “Gallery Of Paintings By Saheli Nath”.



Sharmishtha Mitra Sengupta, Writer Of ‘Queen’

Sharmistha Mitra Sengupta. She is a wonderful poet and writer. She loves to embrace the name ‘Rumi’ as her pen name. She is a regular writer at YourQuote where she shares her thoughts through  her beautiful poems and short pieces, all of them having a deep insight. She is a prolific writer in both Bengali and English. Beauty of nature, feminism, motivation and inspiration, love, life – they are some subjects she loves to write about. She is a mom of two grown up kids, Rohit and Rohini. She often squeezes out time to write and paint, but her first love is always watching thriller movies.

Read her poems here.



Neha Mehta Doshi, Storyteller Of ‘Queen’

Neha Mehta Doshi is a Blogger, Housewife, a part-time Accounting Consultant & Fashion Designer. Her passion lies in  Writing, Fashion Designing, Reading Her passion for doing something different be it in clothes or changing people’s life has led my way towards to writing. Observing different types of relationships closely has made her belief strong over the years that there is always an unconventional way to maintain any relationship.

She is a regular contributor on Momspresso where she has written various stories that deal with human relationships, its complications and my way of dealing with them. She has an Instagram & Facebook handle @precisely_neha through which she has been sharing motivational quotes to inspire one and all.

Writing stories about human relationships and providing a different perspective towards relationships in life makes me feel liberated and happy.

Read her stories here.



Write To Me:

If you come across any story in your journey of life, or you know someone who has some this kind of lost stories in his diary of life, please share them with ‘Queen’. We are on the way to tell stories those are still waiting to breath.

Welcome to the journey! Hope you love the stories we have already collected, please stay tuned here because we are coming with lots of stories. 




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