Birth Of A Wish


Beechtown Fun Run 2020“Ichcha”, the wish, the desire. All of us have many wishes. Some of them are listed in our secret to-do-list. We live for ourselves, adding the wishes one after another in our queue of dreams. But, some people in the world, wish for others, dream for others. They leave a perfect lifestyle to follow their heart’s call. They make people smile, heal their pain and spread a message of peace, love and happiness. They devote their life to fulfill others dreams. And all these happened when a sacred wish was born in their heart. And that wish was, ‘Ichcha’. All we want is to sing the song of hold the hand of someone who is going to the dark..and to kindle a candle of love in your heart. There are some superheroes who are writing their story like this way. We’ll tell you their story and how these all happened for the birth of the wish, ‘Ichcha’..

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories..