The Rebirth Stories

What are you born for? To see, to walk, to speak? Or, to sing, to dance, to dream!

You were born long ago, when you breathed your first. But, once in life, you will feel a calling. Calling of the new, calling of the truth. This is when you start the journey towards a new beginning. When the shell you are wrapping yourself with, becomes very old, it leaves you.. and then, you are blessed with a boon from the heaven draped inside you, to breathe your first, once again!! That very moment,

You Are Reborn, With The Boon Of Rebirth..

Life is celebration. It’s time to welcome the rain in your life. Let it rain, let it wash away the dirt you are carrying so far. Let nothingness meet the shower of love. Bring your life again, feel the raindrops on your face. This is the moment you were waiting for so long. To meet you in a new way. Renew yourself, absolutely new. Step out the cocoon, the season of metamorphosis has come. 




You were born long ago, when you came out of your mother’s womb, for the first time you saw the light of the world. This time, give birth to yourself. You, yes, you. You give birth to you. 

Enough fighting. Stop searching for a dream, crawling for a voice. Let the darkness over, let the despair vanish somewhere. Give birth to a new You, let your new self come out of the shell you were wrapping so long. Born, once again. Let your dreams come alive, once again.

Dance into the wilderness of love, because your oldest self is going far, and you are going to give birth the newest self of you. The raindrops are dancing, they are calling you to join them. Go, go far. Far, so far. No need to look back. Because you are blessed with the boon of rebirth.