Ichcha – Birth Of A Wish


‘Ichcha’, the wish. All of us have many wishes. Some of them are listed in our secret to-do-list. We live for ourselves, adding the wishes one after another in our queue of dreams. But, some people in the world, wish for others, dream for others. They leave a perfect lifestyle to follow their heart’s call. They make people smile, heal their pain and spread a message of peace, love and happiness. They devote their life to fulfill others dreams. And all these happened when a sacred wish was born in their heart. And that wish was, ‘Ichcha’.


Akash is a software engineer of a renowned MNC. He is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Kolkata. After joining his job, he becomes very happy. A new life, a new beginning. Everything was perfect. One day, he was returning from his office. His cab got stuck in jam. The sky is covered with a dark cloud. It will rain at any moment. He opens the window, and holds his face at the edge of the glass. The smell of moist in the air is bringing the message of the advancement of rain. Akash loves rain. He smiles, and becomes lost in the amazement of that moment. Suddenly, someone pulls his shirt. He looks at him. It is a little boy, holding a bunch of newspaper on his right hand. Akash knows him. It’s Vasu. Everyday in the jam, Vasu runs from car to car, people to people..to sell the newspapers. Somedays Akash also buy newspapers from him. But today at the evening, what is he doing with the bunch?? It seems he is unable to sell most of them today.

“Hey Vasu! How are you boy?? What happened, you are looking dull today.”

“Sir, today I could’nt sell my newspapers..I only managed to sell 10 of them..I earn only 50 rupees today, and I have to pay 40 of it to my master. I don’t know what can I do now..” , Vasu replies.

Akash don’t know what to say. He tells,

“Ohhh, okay, no problem. Somedays are like bad days. Today is one of them. You don’t be sad, I’ll by 4 papers today from you..And wait a minute, I have something for you..”

Akash buys the papers. And gives him a packet of sandwitches. Vasu becomes overwhelmed. He smiles, says ‘Thank You, Sir”, and leaves.

But the thought that came in Akash’s mind, that couldn’t leave so easy. He became upset. After returning home, he started thinking about the words Vasu told him. He didn’t take dinner, he couldn’t sleep well in night.

Next morning, he skipped his office. He went to the slum where Vasu lives. There he found Vasu, he was resturning from the newspaper centre. He was happy after selling a good amount of papers today. He came to Akash. Surprised by his presence , he asked him,

“Sir, you’re here??  What are you doing here Sir?? Don’t you have office today??”

-“Yes I have my office today..but I have another urgent work., something much more important than going to my office today”, Akash replies.

Vasu couldn’t understand anything. He  asked,

“What is that important work, Sir??”

“Tell me one thing Vasu, you count the amount of your selling everyday very well. Even, you can count your profit, loss and everything so well. That means, you are good at maths. You manage the whole group of your newspaper boys so easily. That means, you have a good brain. You are sharp. The only thing you need is, a proper guide and an academic education. You can do miracles, Vasu. Do you want to study??”, Akash asked him.

Vasu could’nt reply for a minute. He never dreamt of school, learning and studying. How can he get admission in school, at the age of 8 years?? He replied nothing.

Akash told him to come with him to his house. Vasu came there alongwith his three friends, Suku, Ravi and Khushi. They started living with Akash. Everyday before going to his office, Akash spent 2 hours to teach them alphabets and numbers. Then he left them with the homework to practice them for the whole day. After reurning home at the evening, he checked their tasks and taught them further. Within seven days, these three children learnt the basics so well.


Ten years passed from that day. Akash quit his job the next day.  He is running a free school for the under-privileged children. He gathered all the orphan and street children from the nearby slums and streets. They live with Akash. He decided to devote the rest of his life to bring them into light. He named his school “Ichcha”.


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