The Art Of Self Love


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Love is blind, love is blue..

I shines with the glory, like the morning dew..

Love is blind, love is blue..

It sings along my soul, Forever, to be a new!

Love is blind, love is blue..

It adds colours to my life, Of thousands shimmering hues..

Love is blind, love is blue..

It writes the fairytale, of me & you..

Love is blind, it always blindfolds you. Do you know why they say love makes you blind? Because, love blinds you the way you always have seen the world, and opens a new pair of eyes to see the world in an absolutely new way. Love redefines you. When you fall in love truly, you will find yourself, truly.

Wait, what are you thinking of this ‘love’, I am telling? If you have someone special in your life, then, love is beautiful. If you don’t have anyone special in your life, then just take a deep breath, and say, “I am here.”

These three magical words will make your day for sure. Yes, it is proven. When you will find the world a hopeless place and there is nothing to do with this worthless life, then just utter these three words, and take a deep breath. You will see the life in a new way, I am telling you.

Self love is the most beautiful of everything. When you start loving yourself the most, you will live the life its fullest.



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