‘Mickey’ It All Started With A ‘Mouse’!!

The train is running fast. Walt is returning home. He is broken..he lost his most successful cartoon character, “Oswald, The Lucky Rabbit.” They hired all of the employees, too.

“My studio is finished…I am left with nothing..”, Walt brooded. His wife, Lillian tried to pacify him. But he was like a raging lion on that train.

“I have nothing…no contract, no income, no employees…and, the worst is, I have no cartoon character of my own!!”

“Roy was asking about the studio..have you planned anything yet??”, Lillian asked him.

-“Tell him…Everything is OK…We will do something, surely.”

-“But, how will you manage all these?? cats, dogs, bears, rabbits, and every ther lovable animal are already taken…there is nothing left!”

-“No, I have something..in my mind” Walt assured Lillian..” It’s a mouse!!”

Within a moment, Walt started sketching in his drawing pad..and he came up with a cute black and white mouse, with big round ears and a long skinny tail. Now, he dressed him with red velvet pants, two pearly buttons..He named it, ‘Mortimer’. But it was Lillian, who was not happy with the name. And she gave the name of the mouse, “Mickey”!!!!

Mickey is the emperor of the Disney world. He has his queen, Minnie, who has proved herself his lovely soulmate. Mickey has a small group of loyal friends, named Donald, Goofy, Pluto.

Mickey is mischievous, a free spirited guy…disguised in the form of mouse. Mickey has a great wit, on which he relies to overcome any challenge.

The Walt Disney Studio transformed from an animation studio run by two Disney brothers, into an universal empire. But the creator who started it all never forgot its origins:

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

                                   — Walt Disney, Disneyland; October 27, 1954


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