J. K. Rowling – A Pottertale Of Queen ‘Joanne’


26 June, 1997. 7:58 PM. Great Hall, Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. 

With shimmering stars at the ceiling, and thousands of flickering candles in the four tables, Hogwarts is going to witness a heavenly evening!!!!

The grand clock ticks 8. The hall becomes silent for a moment. Everybody is waiting for someone, seeing eagerly at the entrance. As if, something very big, very beautiful…is going to be happened.

And it comes. It’s Harry, with a princess adorned with a milky-white long gown, holding his hand. They approach, and the whole hall burst into claps. Ron, Hermione advance to them, and take them towards the main table. There is waiting, a diamond crown.

The princess goes to Dumbledore. Professor Mcgonagall passes the crown to him, and he bestows it in her head. Princess ‘Joanne’ becomes Queen ‘Joanne’…Hogwarts starts dancing in delight.


Queen ‘Joanne’ defeated a series of failures with resilience, courage and an utmost faith on her childhood dream. At the end, she is crowned with the “Potterworld”!!!! Her life is a perfect ‘Rags to Riches’ fairytale…

At an early age of six, little Jo wrote her first story, ‘Rabbit’, and then, first novel about ‘Seven Cursed Diamonds And The People Who Owned Them’, at eleven.

In 1990, Jo was travelling in a delayed train from Manchester to London’s King Cross. Sitting in the train, she had a vision of a boy…attending a school of wizardry, battling with evil. She weaved the idea of “Potterworld”, for the first time.

It was the eve of an era, the “Harry Potter Era.”

After she completed the whole manuscript, she sent it to 12 publishing agents, but all rejected it saying it’s too long, too difficult for children, and has no interesting storyline!!

“By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.” – J. K. Rowling

One night, a little girl started crying to her father, for a fresh new fairytale. Seeing no other way, her father took the manuscript of a not-so-eminent writer, which he had planned to give a quick look in free time. He began reading it, and his daughter became lost by the magical world. After ending, the girl begged her father to turn it to a book so that she can read rest of the chapters. She became mesmerized and wanted to go back to that world, again and again (exactly what we all did in our childhood!!).

The man, publisher of Bloomsbury Publication, wrote back to Rowling to complete the rest of the story and send it to him. For Rowling, it was,

“The best letter I had ever received in my life!!”

26 June, 1997, with only 1000 copies, Harry first breathed the world….and the rest is, history!!!!!

Miracle do happen with the believers of dreams. It’s nothing but a story of life, and life itself is the most wonderful fairytale. You don’t need to have a magic wand.. just keep dreaming with full dedicated hardships…and you’ll end up writing a magical tale of you, too.

Who can say, we’ll be reading yours next!!


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