“White Print” – The Braille Magazine

One night, Upasana Makati was thinking of the day she had spent well. It was a regular habit of her to review her the whole day activities before going to bed in the night. That day she had enjoyed a lot. She was just reminding what went right, what went wrong. While analyzing, she found the most important thing she could do, to make her life more meaningful. She had a glimpse of the thought that there is no magazine for the blind people. It was just a vague thought of her. She thought we wish to read something, we pick newspapers, magazines, web articles and so on. We have so many options!! But, what are for the visionless people?? Is there any such reading materials for them, written in Braille??

Have you ever questioned yourself??

Few years ago, the answer was a big ‘NO’. But thanks to Upasana Makati, after a long and extensive research, she came to know that there is really nothing to read for the blind so that they can explore the world through reading a newspaper or a magazine. So, she started the journey of “White Print”, India’s first English lifestyle magazine in Braille!!

White Print was launched in May 2013. This 64 page monthly magazine is printed at the National Association for the Blind, Mumbai. It is circulated across India. Upasana started White Print to build a readership of enthusiastic individuals who can’t see the world, but want to explore the life!! White Print is the canvas where they can find each every colour of the world.

White Print has brought in a revolution of sorts by promoting braille writing. It opened India’s mind not only towards reviving Braille literature but also Braille advertising.

My oldest reader is 80. And she told me once: “Don’ t stop yourself from printing anything in the magazine. If we cannot see it in our lives, it will be at least something we see through the magazine.” – Upasana

White Print provides a wide collection of articles about sports, politics, culture, fashion, technology, inspiring stories of the common man, short stories and even reader contributions. All of the articles are well researched and informative. The magazine has some short stories of Sudha Murthy in every month. 

Umeedon wali dhoop, sunshine wali aasha..

The book welcomes its readers playing the song above. This song was designed by Coca-Cola, especially for the White Print. 

The blind people have no sight of the world, White Print is a treasure for them. With the beauty of the language, the magical stories are written in the Braille script. Though the world is a complete dark for them, White Print is the ray of hope, spreading every colours of the rainbow!!


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