What You Seek Is Seeking You

“What You Seek Is Seeking You….” – Rumi

Life is a story of friendship, love, hope, dreams…It’s a story that tells the journey from the dark of despair, towards the light of truth…

Sometimes, we feel lost ourselves in life.. and there begins a new journey towards the question, that,

“Where are you?? “

This ‘you’ is our hope of sunshine, our dream of rainbow….

Actually, this ‘you’ is our inner self, our very own self…who forgot to smile, to laugh, for so long…

The question is the answer itself, but we never know that until we become the journey…until we start the ‘seeking’…

Life is a story of that ‘seeking’…and in the end, you will find the answer in the most unpredictable way…you’ll find, you’ve become the answer itself, and the journey was nothing but finding the real ‘you’…

So, start your journey today…because, something is waiting to be revealed, somewhere is waiting to be explored… someone is waiting to be reached…

Your questions are waiting for ‘you’, your answers are waiting for ‘you’…

What you seek, is seeking you, too…

The Seeking Within

Seeking. Everybody is seeking. Seeking love, happiness, freedom. Seeking a question, seeking the answer of it. Seeking him, seeking you. Seeking the truth, seeking the light. The life is nothing but a series of seeking, because we all seek something, someone. Every seeking is a journey, a story that’s worth telling. Thus, unknowingly, we add one chapter after another, and in this way, a story is woven that is nothing but the journey of the seeking. And the reward of every seeking is, discovering the newer self of you. At the end, you would see, you have become the journey. The question is the answer itself. Seeking helps you start a new journey towards the call that you’ve ignored for long. You lost yourself, but, you end up finding yourself in a way that you’ve never dreamt of. We are all the seekers. I am a seeker. And so, my story is all about seeking…seeking the answer of a question. The question is the call, and chasing the question is the journey. The story is woven by the secret weaver…adding chapters one after another. And finally, it becomes a beautiful story of the seeker, the seeking, through the weaving chapters. So, what is your story?? What is your question?? What are you seeking??

Hi, welcome to my place. This is my story. I love to explore places and people. I gather my experience from them, I collect their stories. This is my diary. I named it “The Weaving Chapters”, how’s it?? The day when my dad gifted me this diary on my 18th birthday, I wrote the name on its cover. But my sister made me laugh, she told me that how can a diary, a spanless notebook has a name of its own?? But you tell me, if we can have names, then why not they have a name?? So, I call it the weaving chapters, and I add the chapters in my story as well as in my life.

When my dad gifted me this diary, he told me to write my experiences of my college days, as I got the chance to study in the Engineering college I was planning to join for the last two years. To celebrate this success of mine, and my parents too, my dad decided to buy a laptop for me. He did it. But later, as my mom suggested him, he bought this diary for me. Because they know I love writing. Actually, I don’t love to write, I just pen down my random thoughts. That’s all I do. It was my grandpa, one day in my childhood, he gave me a small notebook and a pencil, and told me,

“Dear, write your thoughts in this notebook. Whatever you may think, it can transform into a beautiful story. We should give our thoughts freedom. Let your thoughts fly in the sky. Stretch your wings. You have them. Write your thoughts here. Anything, anytime. One day, for sure, they will be a beautiful story. I know, they will.”

That day I couldn’t understand what he said. But I was happy to see a new notebook for me. I rushed to the garden with my new gift from my grandpa, and there I saw a butterfly sitting on a yellow rose. I loved the scene, and wrote it down. That was my first story!!

This is my story, chapters of my college days, chapters of thereafter. I’ll tell you the first seeking I have ever met in my life till my 21st. Come, let’s start our seeking together.


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