A Daybreak With The Sea Waves

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I love the daybreak. I love to embrace the morning glory. I love to see the night escaping into a lovely sunrise. When the sun first peers and sends its first ray of light, I love to sing the song of life. With the morning breeze, I love to write poems of hope. I love to see the sky wearing crimson colour. Adorned with the serenity of that moment, I love to welcome a splendid daybreak!!

So, here I am with another tale of a beautiful morning experience I had in my childhood. I was in my sixth standard then. I went to Puri with my sister who was in her first standard then, alongwith my parents. We had a nightlong journey, and we arrived in the early morning. However, after checking in our hotel rooms, we came to the sea beach. The sun was peeping from the night sky then. For the first time I saw the sea. Wait, I mention again, I saw the ‘S-E-A’!!!!!! Yes, my experience was exactly like this. I was standing before the sea, and I was seeing the vastness of that water reservoir. Funny though! But, truly I was astonished seeing the expanded river in the form of the sea. How vast is this sea actually?? I thought for a while, and turned my right. I couldn’t see its ending. Again, I turned my left and tried to see the ending, and I ended up seeing nothing. Then I saw in my front. It was the sea, and the horizon, where I saw the sky has come to meet the sea. I walked forward. Sea waves come to kiss my feet. I smiled, and closed my eyes. I breathed the morning breeze. Then, I opened my eyes and told the sea,

“You are beautiful!!”


On the last day, when I went to bid adieu the sea, I told it,

“You are big, you have no end..but I can see the horizon, and I want to see beyond it. I know a story is waiting for me there. One day I will reveal that story, definitely..I will come to see you again…”

I turned back, and started walking towards our car. Suddenly, the sea breeze blew my hair, and it seemed that someone whispered into my ears,

“I will be waiting for you, too..the story is not over yet, it’s just waiting for a new beginning….”

I turned to the sea, and smiled.


Sibling Love art by Saheli Nath

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