The First Teacher

writing is an art (26)

After your birth, when you cried for the first time, your ‘Mum’ embraced you in her arms, and gave a warm hug of love, assuring you that whenever you need a hand to hold, your ‘Mum’ will be always there for you..that was the first lesson you learnt, and she was your “First Teacher”.

Times passed, and we have grown. With the ageing time, all the first lessons were being given to us by our ‘Mum’. Be it learning to write the first alphabet, be it singing the first note of music, or, be it the moment when we turn a ‘Woman’ from a girl..we had our ‘Mum’ with us always, teaching us the lessons of the lifelong journey. 

Perhaps, it’s a promise she had made in our previous birth, that she would be our ‘First Teacher’ forever, and thus she is teaching us lessons from the very first moment we came to her womb. She had seen a thousands of dreams evolving around you, and this is the reason behind you are privileged with the most precious life!! 

Come, let’s celebrate this Teachers’ day with wishing our “First Teacher”, our dearest mother..whom we fondly call ‘Mum’..

Happy Teachers’ day To All Mum & all the elder and younger all the friends..and, most importantly, to all the life experiences we had that left us with a lifetime lesson..

Wish you all A Very Happy Teachers’ Day!!!!!


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