‘Devi’ – The Goddess


“ Princess Of The Mountain “


“Ayigiri Nandini Nandhitha Medini

Vishva Vinodhini Nandi Nuthe

Girivara Vindhya Sirodhi Nivasini

Vishnu Vilasini Jishnu Nuthe

Bhagawathi Hey Sithi Kanda Kudumbini

Bhoori Kudumbini Bhoori Kruthe

Jaya Jaya Hey Mahishasur Mardini

Ramya Kapardini Shaila Suthe”

We salute to the princess..  daughter of ‘Himalaya’, the king of mountain. The girl wanders for the whole day, plays with her friends, and dances with joy. For her, the world is a divine play. She has a world of her own..the kingdom of the mountain ‘Himalaya’. She is full of innocence..unknown to the facts of the outer world, she lives in the palace.

She is praised by ‘Nandi’, the true companion of ‘Mahadev’, the ‘Adiyogi’. She worships Lord Shiva. Every day when the sun pears from the mountain peak, she wakes from the night long sleep. With the chirping of the birds, she starts her preparation of worship. She has devoted herself to the holy feet of ‘Neelkantha’, the one with the blue throat. She admires him with her heart and soul….and wants nothing in back, only, to see a glimpse of him.

Being the sister of Lord ‘Vishnu’, she is always surrounded by his divine grace. She dwells on the summit of the ‘Vindhya’, she loves to see the sun set from there. She is praised by ‘Jishnu’, the emperor of gods, sometimes, too.

She is appreciated by her friends, for her long hair, and the beautiful face. But, these don’t bother her at all. She takes pride on her extraordinary skill of dancing. Whenever she dances, it seems like she is losing herself into the rhythm of her soul..as if, she enters into a different world..a world of full darkness and, a source of light, with a cosmic energy. Sometimes, she had a glimpse of a flame so high, and it felt like burning her. Sometimes, she can hear a sound of a percussion, something playing relentlessly..and having a calling for her.

Ohh…she can’t think anymore..she opens her eyes, and sees the world around..How beautiful the nature is. Now it’s the time of Spring, the season of colours..The forest is looking pristine with the new leaves and blooming flowers..She plucks a white lotus from the pond, her favourite one. She thinks to devote it to her lord..she smiles.

Adorned with the colours of the dusk, she returns home..

One day in future, she will become ‘Devi’, the goddess.. She is born with a blessing from the heaven, which she is completely unknown. She has a purpose of this birth..to destroy the evil with her superpowers..

She will be worshipped in the world as ‘Durga’..but, now, she is on the way to become a ‘Devi’, the goddess..

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