Everyone Has A Story


“Coffee And Us”, a café where dreams blossom, hopes grow and finally, we meet a story that writes a beautiful journey of love, friendship, dream and hope. In her words,

“It’s about you. Yes, you. Real and powerful.”

Author Savi Sharma, a girl from Surat, wanted to tell a story to touch millions of lives, and here, with her debut novel “Everyone Has A Story”, she did it successfully.


We all love to hear a story that is woven with a subtle beauty of simplicity. After all, we want a life that is simple to live, love and laugh. But, do we get whatever we wish? Do we write our stories exactly the way we had dreamt? No, of course not. Because life is not a fairytale. It has obstacles, nightmares, fear, confusion.

In this complexities of life, “Everyone Has A Story” is a bit of relaxation. If you want to read a light fiction with your every sip of coffee, then this book is a perfect leisure for your weekend read.  

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Come, let’s explore the world of café “Coffee And Us”:

Meera, an HR executive, wants to tell a story that is confined in her heart. But she can’t tell it, she can’t start to write her story. From this quest, she comes to the café, where she has her friend Kabir, the manager of that café. Kabir is a constant support of her dream to write a book. He eagerly waits for the day when Meera would finally find a story. One day, Meera meets Vivaan, Assistant Manager of Citibank, in the author’s meet. After somedays, they meet again in the café, and here Meera finally finds her story. Vivaan wants to travel the world. He has a past that still haunts him. Meanwhile, they come to know that Kabir has a dream of his own, engraved inside his heart, and he loves Nisha, a former customer of that café. Here the plot takes a twist, and the real story starts, thus forms, “Everyone Has A Story”.


This is a story how four lives become one, how four dreams become one. Finally, everything falls into place, exactly the way we read in a fairytale, conveying the message that “Everyone has a story, and every story is worth telling. But more than that, it’s worth living.”


So, what’s your story?? Yes, I know, you have started thinking of it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just write your own story and make it perfect.

My Score Book for “Everyone Has A Story” :

Plot : Simple, Inspirational (But lacks the power of motivation) – 5/10

Characters : Ordinary People With Extraordinary Dreams (Well, what we all try to be, but only few of us manage to achieve it)  – 5/10

Writing Style : Descent Yet Beautiful (The thing that attracted me most) – 6/10

Bit Of Entertainment : Full Of Span  – 7/10

The X-Factor : Its subtle way of storytelling – 6/10

Have it soon, and enjoy your this weekend with “Everyone Has A Story”.

Happy Reading, My Friends!!

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