You have a storyteller inside you

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Hey! You are here! It looks so great that you have few minutes to stay at my place. I know you all are busy in the hustle and bustle of the city. Meanwhile, if you have some time then do discover what you really want to do. As I have found my newly grown passion of storytelling. 

You know, since childhood, I wanted to be many a ones. Yes, if I can remember all of them correctly, it would be more than hundred! Can you just imagine, I wanted to be a hundred one person, I wanted to to hundreds of things!

As far as I can remember, I was studying in my seventh standard. History was one of the subjects I had interest to study. I showed my sheer passion of storytelling in my history class notebooks, as a result, I ended up writing a childlike historical fiction in my test copies. The kings were fighting, the queen was stunningly beautiful, the princess was a warrior one, the prince was so charming and so more, I can’t figure out them now. And what they gave me back, a rough look of my history teacher and a negotiable marks in the test. Later, my father made me understand all the things and I learned to differ the things written in the textbooks and the stuffs that were humming in my mind.

Well, this time I came across a word ‘Amateur Historian’ in a book and without knowing the meaning of the word amateur, I wanted to be the one. Later my secret wish list was being extended as I added there in the list: neurosurgeon, neurologist, botanist, English professor, journalist, life coach, psychologist, applied psychologist, para psychologist, physicist, fashion designer, engineer(what I ended up being) and hussshhhhhh… stop it here anyway!

One thing I would like to say, can you see the word Storyteller in the above list? You can’t, because it is not written there. I didn’t write it, as I never wanted to be that one. More precisely, this word never came to my mind as I never came across the word in any book. In my college, I decided not to join the software sector job and that’s why, after finishing my course of B Tech, I started my preparation for banking sector job. Now, I am still an aspiring banker, and I will be until I land up a descent banking job. I still dream of the day when I would be called a banker, finally.

In the long process of my preparation, something happened. Life is unpredictable, they say. But for me, it gifted me a beautiful unpredictable surprise. I found my passion of writing, in a new way. I love to pen down my thoughts since I learned spelling. In my early childhood, I used to write on the wall, whatever came in my mind. One day, my grandfather gifted me a small cute notebook and a beautiful pencil. He told me to pen down my thoughts there. I started writing them. That was the very beginning.

In school, I wrote my random thoughts in the same way. I lost this habit of mine in my college days due to the hectic schedule of Engineering studies. But, it returned to me, in the most unpredictable way.

Now I have realized that we all have a story to tell the world. Everyone of us. That story is engraved inside our heart, hidden in our soul. You have to hear the whisper of the story, and write it down, in your way!

Let the storyteller inside you be revealed to the world. Your story is calling you, can you hear me?

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