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I’ve come across a beautiful thing today morning. I always keep telling you all about inspiration and motivation, and these lines just made my day! I found my calling for blogging, once again. Let me tell you what I found actually.

I have a habit to go through the topics I plan to write about in that week. So,,as my daily habit, I was searching for a topic in the internet and taking my note. While reading many articles regarding this, suddenly I saw a newspaper post about blogging. I am a novice in the blogging world. Before going to explain the thing, here I want to share with you my blogging story till date.

One of my friends built a website. He offered me to write something on his website. I asked him,

“Something? What is the meaning of this ‘something’ actually you are asking for?”

He replied, “Something means anything.”

-“Anything? I mean, this is your website, you have some ideas in your mind. Then, how can I write anything on this?”

He paused a while, and replied,

“See, I have no proper plan like what would be my niche. I just want to tell stories to people around us. That’s why I built this website. Now, we are both new in this field, no? So, we have to explore this world. For now, write anything, whatever comes in your mind. Anything you like, anything you love. Just write it.”

Anything I like? Anything I love? Umm, I started thinking about my recently grown interest in searching and reading articles on real life heroes. I was following two  popular websites: YourStory and The Better India. What attracted me most was their inspiring stories of daring dreams, endless hope and utmost courage. These two websites tell stories of people coming from different fields: someone doctor, someone engineer, someone lawyer or farmer, chef and so on. But, irrespective of the fields they have been working long and backgrounds they are coming from, all of them are centered to a common thing, that is, they are all ordinary people doing extraordinary stuffs. From a wide range, these people are called the Change Maker. I was overwhelmed reading their stories, and decided to choose their stories as my ‘Anything’.

So, I picked some of their stories and started writing them in my own writing style.

Meanwhile, Christmas came, and I thought of trying to write a piece of fiction, for the first time in my life. Surrounded by the inspiration I collected form the stories I was covering then, I wanted to think differently. I wanted to tell a story to celebrate the essence of Christmas, but wrapped in a different flavor. I wrote a story on the bonding of an old man and his grandson. Gaining some confidence, I wrote my second story, on the evergreen bonding of a girl named Pihu and his brother Piyash. Pihu lost her brother Piyash in childhood. They had an unique relationship with Vasini, a river flowing beside their house in the village. Now, being a grown up girl and a corporate lady, Pihu still remembers the sunshine days she spent with Piyash and Vasini.

The Valentine’s Day was approaching and I decided to write a short story on love. Once again, I started thinking in a different way, as I wanted to tell a love story of a different flavor, coming out the common circle of when-a-rebel-boy-meets-a-beautiful-girl and despite the initial hate episodes, eventually love blossoms between them. I am not telling you that I don’t like to read this types of stories(Whoa! I am an ordinary girl who reads anything and everything in the walk of life), but honestly I was becoming a huge fan of finding essence of inspiration from the tales of life and love.

One day, while listening to the song Teri Deewani by Kailash Kher, I was humming that song(once again, not the way like Kailash Kher’s but yeah, I can try myself, no?). Suddenly, I sensed something in my mind, and yes, a plot of love story bloomed in my mind(and I really thank Kailash Kher’s melodious voice and the wonderful lyrics of that sufi song, for turning me to a budding writer from a humming singer). 

I started weaving my first romantic tale of life. I named it..well, let it be.. a secret, okay! (haha, not so funny at all, actually I forgot to give it a title, and I am still on the way of writing the full story.)

Well, you must be thinking that why I am telling these all today! Actually, I told you on starting. I’ve come across a beautiful article today, in a newspaper piece. There was written,

“Number of Indian women bloggers are increasing, as they are coming forward to express their own opinion about the topic they write about. They are writing their stories. This is courageous, and creative.”

Wow! What a compliment! We are women, the creators, and the creation. We are telling our stories, in absolutely our own ways. Sometimes humorous, sometimes satirical. Sometimes told, sometimes untold.

For now, just blog!

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