Colours Of The Dusk

writing is an art (17)


When the first ray of the Sun wakes me up, you whisper into my ears,

“One new day, come, let’s have a play”…

I turn around, the north wind blows my hair, and I find you, there…

When the last ray of the Sun bids adieu the earth,

Thousands of hues play hide and seek with me,

I see the vermilion sky, and I find you there…

Peering from the dusky yellow, you tell me,

“Another sunset, waiting to be vanished in your arms,

Let it be, anyway…”

I smile at you, and reply,

 “The story is not over yet, the dawn is still there to be arrived…”

I see the colours of the dusk, writing a beautiful poetry for us…

They tell me from the sky,

“We are only hiding behind the dark, wait for another tomorrow,

Come again, we will be here…. “

They promise me a delightful dawn, and leave me alone…

They have vanished somewhere, beyond the horizon…

I step towards home, but I heard someone is calling me behind,

I turn to the voice, and I feel the chilling wind, saying,

“Life is nothing but finding the light behind the darkness…

You will find me, there…”

You said to me, and went somewhere…



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