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I really wanted to tell you these words.. but couldn’t. Why it’s always me to tell you everything? Can’t you hear me? Let it be, anyway.. but whatever is between us, I know, it’s real, it’s true. And I love it, trust me.

I don’t know whether I have fallen in love once again or not, but, I know, I always want to see a glimpse of you. I want to appreciate your creations, I want to be with you, in your every steps. I want to listen all your stories buried in your heart, I want to share all your tears and smile, I want to hear you. I want to have mountain sunsets with you, I want to have splendid daybreaks with you. Just like you, I love to get lost into the morning mist, and then, to get discovered only by you. I want to embrace the soft light of early morning, just to tell you, I am here, for you, with you. And will be, always, forever. I want to keep our relation nameless, for in friendship, there is a void called love, and in love, there is a silence called friendship. I want to whisper in silence, that the void is to be filled only by you. I want something more than friendship, something beyond love. I want to be with you, in this moment, to have you with me, in this momentary escape. We’ll remain like this, forever, nameless.


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