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Liberation Of The Soul

14th May, 6:30 AM, Banaras

“Everything ends here”, the boatman whispered.

 I was having an early morning ride in the river. We reached to the Manikarnika ghat and there was blazing the fire, that is never extinguished. My heart became heavy after witnessing such a ceremony. It reminded me the most forgetful truth of life.

“But, it’s also true, a new journey starts here”, he said, again.

I turned back to him, and he continued, “the soul departs for the new journey, leaving this cage of body alone. The journey, never ends, until the soul is liberated to the eternity. And here in Banaras, we believe, that departure is a new beginning, too.”

I was gazing at the fire, and our boat ride continued, but his words kept humming as an echo in my ears,

“the journey never ends..”

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