Letter 2 – “A Letter To July”

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Dear July,

Welcome!! Let’s start to write a new chapter in my book of life!!

Thanks for coming in my life, since the day I was born, you are taking leaps to see how much love the rest of the year gifts me. Over and over you come to see your child growing more and more.

You are like my mother, you both gave birth me to this beautiful world! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to call myself a ‘July Born’ .

People say, July born people are inclined to nature, poetry, literature, art and culture. Most importantly, they bear a soft heart, prone to fall in love in moments, and thus, receiving a heartbreak as the return gift from an immature relationship. I have all of them. I am grateful for having all these beautiful gifts from you, July!

They say, July born people see a dark phase in life, always. It’s like the storm they have to pass to become stronger, harder, and braver. They are right, July. I know, you will always be my side. With your blessing, I will pass this nightmare, too. And I know, you’ll be always there for me to bring a splendid daybreak to my life, just like what you do every year on 10th July. Thanks for being my first smile, my first tears.

Every year you’ll come to see your li’l child growing for another year, and I will embrace you with all the love and glory I have collected over the year.

Be like this, forever. Be my first light. Be my first friend on earth. Be my first messenger of the universe. .

                                                                                                        -Yours, Swarnali

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