Monsoon: it’s god’s very own season

Do you like rains?  Well, the answer is most probably “yes” and if there is any  romance left within you, then it’s just the season you wanted and loved the most from beginning.It always reminds me of some old songs that I used to love long before, it reminds me of those people whom I loved before and the way I lost them.

Monsoon is the season of romance and every love story has a “story” to tell in the rains. It reminds me of the person I once loved and the way we held our hands for the first time, it also reminds me the last time I saw her in the rains. It reminds me of everything I lost in the dark years of my life.

It brings back some happy memories too, not all just bad ones and the best one is that it always gives me a song to sing throughout the rains.Have you ever heard the sound of rains? It drops in a harmony.It’s a complete musical! That’s why monsoon is the season of music.

Monsoon has everything you look for in life, freshness, sadness, happiness, romance, music, drama….and most important of them all, when the season ends it leaves behind a new born hope to the nature…the inspiration to live. It is a benediction, the first drop of rain after the sizzling hot summer is perhaps the most “sacred” prayer of the mankind.

Winter is the other season that I love because winter is lazy and so am I. So we are kind of made for each other! But I always have admired the monsoon most. Mother nature has ornamented this one with it’s every wishes and perhaps it’s her favourite one! It’s god’s very own season of all and his best artists were perhaps the architects of this one.


This insightful article is written by Suman Hambir. He is a prolific Lifestyle Blogger. His blog’s name is ‘The Silent Spectator”, where he loves to speak his heart out in every words. He has an immense love for writing. He loves nature as his soul resides in the mountains. He loves to lost himself in the mountain echo, and then to find a new self of him, in a new way absolutely. When the mountains call him, he goes out for trekking, without thinking twice. He loves to be called a wanderer, as travelling is his first love. If you want to read his writings more, you can check here:



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