A Letter To My Older Self

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Dear Older Self,

I hope you are not repenting for the life you have spent so far. You have done all the things you wanted to do, right? All the dreams you saw in your younger time, they have come true in life. You explored places, and life as much as you could. While travelling, you met extraordinary people disguised as an ordinary person and living their best lives among the crowd.

You went to villages where you had mountain sunrise, lost yourself in the mist and found a newer self of you, again and again. You witnessed the sun to set at the horizon, where the sky bows down to kiss the sea. You wrote hundreds of poems, you told thousands of stories. You always wanted to be a storyteller, and now, you are doing it only.

You are living your dream. Is not it wonderful? There are lots of things, you might not received that you had wished one day, but yes, you had been gifted with unpredictable surprises by Life. Is not it enough for you to be overwhelmed by these hidden treasures life had gifted you in abundance? You had lived many breathtaking moments, when you felt like the heaven has come to meet you on Earth. You have made an album of these ‘heaven-on-earth’ moments. And these are the milestones you love to measure life by. And I really wish, you will have, more of them, in your coming days. 

What do you think of yourself, you’ve grown old enough to stop dreaming? Remember the paper boat you made in your childhood? It’s still waiting at the bedside table. Life is always one step closer to childhood.

So, what are you waiting for? This paper boat is yours.

Dream, sail and explore!

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