Nataraja – Artist Of The Eternity

‘Nataraja’ painting by Saheli Nath

He is dancing..

The celestial dancer is dancing into the fire. Embracing the fire arch, he is dancing with the rhythm divine. Rhythm of the earth, rhythm of the universe. With the harmony of the soul and the heart, he is dancing..

He is dancing to create, and, to destroy..and then, create again..the circle never has no ending, because he is the endless..the ultimate, and, the absolute..

This dance is ‘Anandatandava’, the dance of’s not only a dance of delight..It’s the dance of the circle of birth and death and then again birth..the creation and destruction, and then again creation..the circle of eternity..

He is dancing..dancing with the rhythm of ‘Srishti’(the creation), ‘Sthiti’(the preservation), ‘Samhara’(the destruction), ‘Tirobhava’(the Illusion) and ‘Anugraha’(the release, the grace). They are the five principle manifestation of eternal energy.

He is dancing..with his four hands making beautiful mudras. One hand holding a flame, another points to the dwarf. While the third one is playing the ‘Dumroo’ to signify the ecuity between ‘Nari’ and ‘Purush’, the male and female..the fourth hand is telling us be brave, with the assertion ‘Be without fear’..what to be afraid, when he is with us??

He is dancing…into the fire of bliss. A snake is uncoiling from his arms, legs and hair..His matted locks are whirling as he dances within an arch of flames with the endless cycle..He is wearing a skull that symbolizes his conquest over death..Goddess Ganga is flowing from his hairdo..with a message of peace to calm this earth..

He is celebrate his triumph over ‘Apasmara Purusha’, the personification of illusion and ignorance. He has a third eye opened in his forehead, between two parallel eyes..He says, he is omnipresent everywhere..forever..He is the one with the wish to bestow his bless upon the earth..we have to seek his blessings..He is the enlightenment of the mind, and, liberation of the soul..

He is dancing on a lotus..the creative forces of the universe..He is dancing to create, to destroy..and again, to create..he has no end..he is ‘Lord Shiva’ , the absolute..

He is dancing….the dance of bliss..can you hear his rhythm?? If not, try to find it within you..Because he is the celestial dancer, who is always dancing into the rhythms of our heart..


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