The Idea Of ‘Freedom’ From Different Perspectives



Few days ago, I asked my friends and everyone around me, “What is freedom to you?”

I received many replies, but among all, these three replies touched my heart, and somewhere deep, I found my own words in them. Have a look here:

Freedom is a myth. Rather it is like sheath that covers our dreams, aspirations , thoughts etc.
It is a balance between our wildest aspirations at a certain point of time and what actually transpires to the society we live in.
Freedom is peace . Sitting in a corner of a room and letting our imaginations sail free , free from any restraints .
Freedom is like an oasis , the more we push hard at it , the further we get to know , we can’t attain absolute freedom ever.!
-Replied Sayan Chakraborty, a Mechanical Engineer from Kolkata, West Bengal.
To me, Freedom is respect. Freedom is the trust placed on us, which we often tend to abuse.  To be free doesn’t mean you can do anything and everything, to be free means you very well know your boundaries. Freedom is within each and everyone of us. We just need to understand, it isn’t a privilege but a responsibility.
Though our nation got freedom long back, it is still held back with the rusted chains of backward mentality.
It is in your hands to decide, what freedom means to you. To me, it’s maturity and responsibility along with the right to take my own decisions.
-Replied Maitri Galla, a first year B. Com Hons. student from Madurai, Tamilnadu.
Freedom –
a word that symbolizes that one is free. But no freedom comes without some extent. The word freedom itself is half-eaten, because when we use (dom) with something, it represents a condition or a state. So, freedom is a state of illusion when you think you are free.
But are you actually free?
It is like roping a string on one leg of a bird and saying the other one is free. She can fly of-course, but as long as the string is in length. Not far from that. We are always bounded on the one-side similarly. The cost of freedom is freedom itself. Think about it. This was impromptu, may be out-of-sound even for me. But I hope it triggers something different.
-Replied Gaurav S Kaintura, a final year CSE student from Haridwar.

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