A Letter To My Father

Dear Dad


Dear Dad,
Thanks for gifting me a fairytale in your palace. A royal palace decorated with thousands of shimmering stars and hundreds of flickering candles. A palace where dreams adorn my every day, love paves my every way. Where sunshine is my crown, and rainbow is my bracelet. Thanks for making me the best daughter of the world. Wherever I travel, wherever I part, before going to be a queen of someone’s heart, I am your princess.

Only yours. 

Mom wanted me to be a warrior. You were scared, what if I would fall? What if my shoulders got broken? What if, my heart became heavy after facing failures? You were scared of the harsh reality of the world, what if they were unveiled to your lovely daughter, once?
But Dad, Mom realized the fact. She wanted to make me stronger, to face the world harder. How does it feel to look around when you fall to the ground? You remember Dad, when I fell for the first time, how much I got hurt? It was bleeding from my hand. It was painful. I was screaming Dad. You rushed towards me and holding my hand, helped me to rise again. Mom gave me the sword, and smiled. With you two beside me, I gained my self confidence, again. I was back to the battlefield, once again. 
Remember Dad, when my friend Ahanya left me alone? For I am fighting with the deadliest demon, I am going through my darkest nightmare, she thought I would be defeated. So the empire. She left me Dad. I was bitterly hurt. I was crying aloud. But you told me to fight alone, for in loneliness, I would discover my true power. Really Dad, if I were never left alone, the road would never seem so beautiful. Never. I would have left so many little things behind me. 
You know Dad, I still cry. Everyday, every moment. For now, I am battling with me. With my weaker self, with my softer soul. But now I have learnt to sob my pain. I love to converse with the silence. Only then I realize, this princess has become a warrior now. Truly. The scars shine brighter than the diamond necklace, and I look most beautiful than ever.

I promise you Dad, one day, I will win over all the demons. I will recover from all the pains. I will create my own empire. I will be crowned with the divine glory. Because I know, whatever it takes, my royal Dad is with me. And will be, always, forever.

-Your Princess, Swarnali




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