Dear Aisha – A Letter To New Girl In The City


The girl comes to the new city, with a heart full of dreams. She wanders in the streets, dances in the rain, gets her soul drenched in the rain drops. She feels them on her face. Her stories come alive, once again. With the shimmering stars in the sky and the dusky city lights, she sails her paper boat of dreams, and starts to write the diary of her own. All she wants to tell the world is,

“We all have a story sleeping inside us. Wake it up.”

She remembers her inspiration, Aisha, New Girl In The City.


Dear Aisha,

How are you, New Girl In The City? How are you doing, in the city of dreams? I know, you are writing hundreds of stories and inspiring millions like me. You know Aisha, for me, you were and you will be, always, new girl in the city. Perhaps you are collecting new dreams, writing new articles, telling new stories, but for me, you are the story I would love to read, again and again. I saw you first in my sweet sixteen, and fell in love with your eyes instantly. No, not only for the spark in your eyes, but also for your simple entry in the scene. Sid was capturing the moments of their farewell party, he was making memories with the happy faces. But, you were lost in your own world. Just like me! You know Aisha, since my childhood, I just love to lose myself in the realm of silence, and then, to write down whatever comes in my mind. Like you, I also loved writing my thoughts, absolutely in my own way. I had my own journal, too. You are my inspiration, forever. I still remember your words, how you embraced your independence, despite being scared in heart, how you chased your dreams. And the best part is, your dreams came true! But Aisha, life is not as simple as you told in your story. Sometimes, we lose friends, we lose love, hope, and even, we lose faith on ourselves. We forget to smile, we forget why we are standing here. Not everyone has a friend like Sid. But yes, it’s true, I collect my lost hope with your smile, your words. How you stood strong in every tough moment, how you chose to be alone in a flat, how you refused your boss Kabir for the jazz event, all of your acts of bravery made you special. I loved the way you told Sid that your ambitions are different from him, apparently, making him realized the true purpose of life and to live the life with his own identity. You showed the world that we are not here to lose our paths in the darkness, rather, we have to be the light in other’s life. Your story is an inspiration for every woman seeking freedom in the society. Be it small or big, that does not bother at all, from writing the very first mail to your first friend of Mumbai to being published for the first article in a magazine, your journey shows how we women can do anything, if we have a little courage. And we all have it inside us.

Enough for today. But I will be writing you more letters in coming days. Because I have a lot to tell you, New Girl In The City!

-Your admirer, Swarnali


[I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatters #MyFriendAlexa 2019]

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I love to write letters, as I pour my heart’s deepest thoughts on the postcard, everytime I start writing a letter. One of my favourite letters are the one I wrote to my older self. Read the letter here.

18 responses to “Dear Aisha – A Letter To New Girl In The City”

    • Aisha is a movie character, Sonia. She is the female writer of the movie Wake Up Sid. This character is always an inspiration for me. That’s why I wrote a letter to her. But I am working on a letter of mine where you will find two fictional characters. Stay tuned, I will post the letter very soon. 🙂


  1. I have participated in a series of blogs where I had to write Letter to different people in my life. And believe me it wasn’t very easy. It looks easy but when it comes to putting it into words, its tough as you have to imagine, picturize the person and then write. You have done an awesome job.

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    • Yes absolutely..and the tradition of letter writing is gone now. So it’s nice to write letters to express our thoughts and emotions.. I love to write letters. I like to revive the habit of letter writing. Thank you for your kind words.


  2. Writing a diary or letter is a great way to let out your thoughts. Writing letter to oneself is a great idea. Standing by your dream and ambition is not something that everyone can do. Aisha needs to be given a pat on her back.

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    • Writing letters to self gives you a chance to meet the person hidden inside you, and it becomes a way of self conversation that is needed most. It’s like looking at the mirror and start talking to yourself. 🙂


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