Prelude To The Piedpiper



O’ Prince Of Flute,

I was just a piece of bamboo, spanless, fragile,

It was you who first breathed on me, gave me your tears & smile.

Too many memories, too many wonders,

Together we danced, into the thunders.

We searched for the unknown, travelled hills and dales,

Sometimes captivating, like the fairytales.

With the harmony, born the dreams of mine,

They are pristine, into your light, they will shine!

Make some stories, absolutely yours,

Awake the silence, so the sound endures.

Bring someone back to life, be the ‘Angel’,

With that ecstasy, play me a magic spell!

Draw me a portrait, on the blank canvas,

Make the song your palette, add some musical colours.

Recite me a poem, enchanting the heart,

Unite two lovers who have fallen apart.

Be the chirping of the birds, sound of the nature,

Explore the world, with the folk venture.

Be the reason behind the smile of a child’s face,

For sure, you will be surrounded by the ‘divine grace’!!

Reveal the secret of the sound, fulfill a sacred wish,

Always be rooted, innocent and a little childish.

Help people to forget their pain,

Be their rainbow, play in the rain.

So far away, someone skips a beat,

That comes to you, can you hear it?

Play, play & play aloud,

Into the sunshine, Over the cloud!!

Sing a song, beyond the stars,

Whisper a desire, into my ears.

So many wishes, thousands of hues,

All I want to be defined by you,

Here awaits,

Your beloved flute.



[I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter#MyFriendAlexa 2019]

Read my all posts of this month long event here.]


What is heaven to you? Well, for me, my heaven is here, with you, within you.

I have penned down my thoughts on heaven on earth, read the poem here.

34 responses to “Prelude To The Piedpiper”

    • Thank you all happened for that magical musician whom I have dedicated this poem.. Parth Chandiramani.. after enjoying his awesome flute, I relived my musical memories, and resumed my singing again, I was back to the world of music for his flute only.. That’s why I wanted to gift him some musical piece from this huge fan of him.. I thought about his flute and words started flowing in my mind.. 🙂


    • Thanks alot for ur kind words! it’s overwhelming to know that I have become a reason behind someone’s smile this morning 🙂


  1. I got totally immersed in your poem. It’s very well written and I admire the creative theme you picked up for it. I will look forward to read more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 Keep visiting my writing abode! Actually I wrote it for my favourite flautist, Parth Chandiramani. All the words came in my mind while listening to his flute.


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