‘Blogchatter’, you’ve kindled a lamp in my heart


One year ago, I started my own blog. I started writing in websites in the year 2017. It was my Friend’s website, he offered me to write on his website. We two, completely unknown to the world of blogging, started writing whatever came on our mind. But inside, I was craving for a place of my own. A place where I can write and edit without opinion from anybody else. Freedom, yes, it was freedom what I was searching then. I wanted to build a writing abode of my own, where I can write and edit anything I love, anything I find beautiful. Two of my college friends encouraged me to start a blog of my own, and on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, 14th February, 2018, I started my very first blog on Blogspot.

It was the very beginning of my blogging journey. I was totally unaware of this Blogoverse, being an Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer, I never thought of doing such technical stuffs for something which I really own. But, I enjoyed everything. Building my website from the scratch to build a new blog on WordPress, from naming it to adding widgets, I did it all single handedly. And I really enjoyed everything because I was learning in every phase of this new journey. But what I lacked most, was the readership. The reader circle of my blog was confined in my friend circle and my sister’s friends. Sometimes I craved for insightful comments also. Moreover, I was in search of a community of bloggers and writers, which I can be a part of, where I can share my views and opinions.

In 2019, I came across a blogging community named ‘Blogchatter’, on Instagram. It seemed quite interesting to me, and without thinking twice, I signed up here. What it actually turned out to be, a treat for me!! Meanwhile, I saw a notification about the blogging campaign of ‘My Friend Alexa Season Four’. I thought of participating in this campaign. I have participated for the first time in such a blogging campaign. At that time, I was suffering from severe depression, stress, anxiety problems, frustration, and, what not! For some months, I was having sleepless nights. I started to believe that I am going to be a permanent insomniac. But, trust me, the day I signed up for ‘My Friend Alexa’, I started to forget my mental health problems, and getting more and more indulged myself into the blogging things. From writing some of my heartfelt pieces to reading some wonderful bloggers, the experience was pretty awesome!

‘Blogchatter’ is a boon for me, indeed!

Now, coming to my posts of this campaign. After signing up, I thought of choosing a certain theme to write these 8 posts, but, again I couldn’t write for my anxiety problems. I am preparing for my IBPS examinations, too. That’s why I couldn’t give sufficient time to my writing. Yet, I am happy to tell you that I have written some of my heartfelt pieces on this month of September. I started the campaign writing a letter to my maternal grandfather whom I never met in life. This letter is very important to me. I was craving for writing this letter for months, but, I couldn’t, again. Thanks to ‘My Friend Alexa’, finally I dared to write this letter. Then, I wrote a letter to my inspiration of writing since my school days, a movie character named Aisha Banerjee from Wake Up Sid. After that, I wrote, ‘Unveiled’, a short piece unveiling my heart’s deepest corner. I wrote a letter to a lost love, through the words of Aashi. This letter, is something I really loved to write, and it seemed like, the words were coming from my soul. I wrote the first letter of a new letter writing a series, named ‘Letters Of Love’. In this series, you’ll read a sweet love story of Aashi & Ivan. Aashi writes letters to her lost love, Ivan, who resides in the valley of stars. My fifth post was a poem I dedicated to my favourite flautist, Parth Chandiramani on his birthday. Sixth post was a favourite piece of mine. ‘Goddess Of The Light’ is something I wrote in my mind first, then it came into existence with words typed in my laptop. It’s a midnight self conversation of me. At the edge of darkness, I was searching for the light. These words came straight from my soul. My next post ‘Broken Wings Are Still Alive’, is a reflection of the previous post. And finally, I wrote the piece which was residing in my phone’s note for months. Once, I had a sudden feeling that, we, women, take shelters in different phases of life. Sometimes in a mother, sometimes in a daughter. Sister, wife, friend and foe, lover, hater, saint, or even a sinner. But finally, we leave in silence. We are nothing but a wandering soul. And here, this month long campaign came to an end.

Two things will be left unsaid if I don’t write them now. I have befriended with some awesome bloggers through this campaign. Sonia Dogra, Tina Sequeira, Pragnya, Vartika, Dr. Shivani Salil,  Shweta(whose blog is a treasure for me as I am keen to write tiny tales), and many more. I interacted with some formerly known bloggers to me, like Rashi Roy Sonia Chatterjee, Alpana Deo. All of my co bloggers commented on my posts and I found them all as blessings, inspiration and motivation for me.

Last, but not the least, it would be unfair (and definitely a crime) if I forget to mention the super talented team of Blogchatter. Starting with my mentor, Geethica Mehra. I have finished the campaign only for this person. She was the backbone of my inner strength, whom I have questioned a hundred times to clear my doubts. She was always there for me to help me out whatever it takes. A lady with soft tone, extremely talented skill to manage a campaign, without getting annoyed of my silly questions clearing all the doubts for newbie bloggers like me, she is a gorgeous soul, indeed. Without her relentless support, I would have left in midway. Thank you, Geethica! Loads of love and hugs for you.

Before signing off, I want to say some more. Thank You is a little word for you. Blogchatter, you’ve kindled a lamp in my heart. Best wishes to the whole team. And more power to all the bloggers who are proud to be a blogger of this wonderful blogoverse. Kudos to all of us!

Happy Blogging!!

One response to “‘Blogchatter’, you’ve kindled a lamp in my heart”

  1. Wow Swarnali. You have written the post in so much detail and I loved reading the thought behind each and every post of yours. And such a noble thought to acknowledge the people who joined you on the campaign.I always feel that writing is cathartic and I am sure that the more you will write, the more you will overcome the challenges of life. Thank you for being a part of my alexa campaign. It was a pleasure to connect. We shall continue to support each other’s journey. Wish you all the very best!


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