This Diwali, Be The Light



We all have a light within us. The light resides in our soul. When you journey deep towards the farthest corner of your heart, you will see the light.

Sometimes, the light flickers with the glory of your scars, sometimes, it shimmers like the evening star, or, at the night sky, with a calling to step you out your home.

Sometimes, the light is dimmed, sometimes, the light sparkles.

Whenever you feel lost in the darkness, the light is always there, to show you the way, to make you invincible. The light is always there, behind the cloud, you just have to wait until the clouds move and the light comes to you.

This light, sometimes, is called Hope, when you see the first ray of the sun after passing through the darkest nightmare.

This light, has another name, too. The light is you, the light is him.

When you float on the sea of silence, you can see the light.

When you feel you have lost your own self, and start dancing with the rhythm divine, you see the light.

When you are drenched in the colours of love, you find yourself in your beloved, you see the light.

If you want to embrace the light of love, the light of life, be the light.

Be the light, you want to embrace.

If you are a seeker, be the light, you want to embrace. For in seeking, when we reach to the answer, we become, the light itself. 

As I said in my poem My Heaven Is Here,


My heaven is not there where everyone prays for the supreme,

When I meet a mother waiting for her only son, without knowing his arrival,

I hold her hand, gently, and guide her towards the search of peace.

Her smile makes that place a heavenly abode, and once again,

I find, my heaven is here.

My heaven is not there, where everyone lits the lamp for the almighty,

My heaven is here, when I bring someone back,

To the light of the truth, from the dark of despair,

I lit a candle, in the heart of that pious one, and once again,

I find, my heaven is here.

My heaven is not there in the sky, over the rainbow,

Beyond the horizon, among the stars,

My heaven is here, where I kindle the lamp of your heart,

In your smile, in your peace, in your truth, in your love.

I wish, this Diwali, let the darkness of our heart be removed, and we kindle the lamp of our heart. Be the light in someone’s darkness, be the reason behind he/she finds the his/her smile back in life. 

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!!




Picture Courtesy: Homemade clay Diyas made by us.

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