Happy Birthday To You My Dear Sister Saheli!!


Twenty two years ago, this day, on the eve of Diwali, a light was born in our house. Since then, we are celebrating the light every day, every moment, with the daughter of light. Dear girl, you have been my light, always. You are the reason I still smile today, your smile lights up my day dear. You are the reason I am breathing, I am dreaming, I am standing safe here. Else I would have been turned into a deadly alive soul. You are the reason I still see light at the edge of the darkness. You are my light, dear.

We promised to be together, and we will be, always, forever.




You are the best gift I have ever received from the universe so far.

You are the best answer she replied to me, ever. You are the brightest flower I have ever collected from the garden of my life. You are the most beautiful reason to make me believe in forever. You can see beyond I show, you can hear beyond I speak. Whatever it takes to write the travelogue of life, we will write it together.

Just like the moon and the night sky,
Just like the universe and the stars,
Just like the dusk and the dawn,
We will be together, forever, and beyond.

Happy Birthday my dear sister. Wish you all the glory ahead, may you have millions of dream-come-true moments in life!! Loads of love and hugs to you, dear.



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