Book Review: ‘From Stressed To Sorted’ By Sonam Chamaria


Genre: Self-help

Publisher: Self-published Via Amazon KDP

Pages: 134

Published: December 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Writing Style: Subtle

Language: Simple


Theme Of The Book:

The book “From Stressed To Sorted” is a self-help book with 11 ultimate life-changing happiness hacks for millennials. This is the very first book of Sonam’s ‘SoulSpeak Series’. The central theme of the book is to provide you some tricks to let go of your pain, sorrow and grief, to forget what you have left behind and to motivate you to move on. ‘Life is something much bigger than we see’, this is the message Sonam wanted to convey through her first book.

Structure Of The Book:

The most beautiful thing that made me happy while reading this book was its unique structure and Sonam’s beautiful yet subtle way of storytelling. Each chapter has a hand drawn illustration made by Sonam herself. The sketches are simple but have a lot to say if we take a look at them. She starts the book with a very warm note to the readers. It’s about ‘The journey of a dream’. She tells us that this book is her baby, a long cherished dream of her. She asks some important question at the very beginning of the book, that make you stop for a while and to look at your life, once again. Sonam asks,

“What is your BIG dream? That one dream that sets your soul on fire?”

With the hope that this book will help you turn it into a reality, she starts to write her own happiness hacks. She considered it as her responsibility and a heartfelt need to share the happiness hacks she has adopted, practised, and benefitted from with the rest of the world.

“How people treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Unless you decide to treat yourself better, no one else will. You will keep attracting the same kind of people into your life- people who belittle and mistreat you, even leave you, making you feel small and unworthy.”

This book is a collection of Happiness Hacks, as she like to call them because they have helped her to find happiness in life. Most of the hacks are based on the power of our subconscious mind. These small happiness hacks can help you to calm your disturbed mind from this chaotic world.

Each chapter is divided into three parts:

  1. A fiction-based situation
  2. Understanding the problem
  3. Practical exercises

These exercises you can easily put into practice in your daily life to win over stress and lead a better, happier life. The exercises are mostly from her own experiences that she has been doing for years. And the most interesting fact is, these practical exercises will barely take 5-10 minutes a day. But using them in a regular basis, you can be happier, and will find an inner joy and satisfaction. You will find a way to move on, too. In Sonam’s words,

“Your happiness lies in your hands, and all you need is to do is be aware and find it. Begin the treasure hunt now, one tiny step at a time.”

The chapters include topics about how to Unhold, Reclaim, Rediscover, Rewire, Retune, Unlink, Repose, Unburden, Rewrite, Recognise and most importantly, be you! Sonam writes in a simple language and an elegant style, to teach a lesson in life about letting go, taking back your power, finding your worth, stop expecting failure, to dial it down and stop the chatter. She writes about how to forgive, how to change your story and appreciate and connect. Each chapter begins with a fictional piece written in a subtle way of storytelling and visualizing a common scenario of a daily life problem. You can easily relate with this story as you have come across with this situation once in a lifetime, for sure.

What makes the difference:

I personally prefer to read the books in which I feel a strong connection with the author. Else, I feel dull. Fortunately, I found a connection of heart with Sonam while reading this book. She speaks about her mother and how she felt alone when she lost her suddenly. While reading this part of the book, I felt the pain she had gone through this phase. I paused, and turned back to my mother to see a glimpse of her. I salute this young girl’s high spirit to turn her grief into inspiration for writing such a beautiful book. Alongwith, I loved the way she illustrated the present scenario. The fictional piece at the beginning of the chapters yields the reader to dig deeper to the problem, and you will get a clear vision of the situation. Here she makes the difference from other self help books.

Praise for the book and also for the budding author:

The book is a page turner. It’s moving and keeps you motivated through the whole book. Written in a simple yet beautiful way, the book clearly shows that Sonam is a promising writer. I wish her luck on her literary journey ahead.

How to get the most of the book:

If you are on your search for real happiness, or facing anxiety, stress, depression, frustration or considering yourself a big failure in life, you should read this book and try out the exercises in each chapter before moving on to the next one. Set a goal that you will adopt at least some of the hacks as part of your daily life to see the difference.

About the author:

Sonam Chamaria is an inspirational writer. She blogs at “SoulSpeak With Sonam” since 2016. She is a professional Tarot reader for 14 years, a Chakra healer, and follows Nichiren Buddhism. She is highly spiritual and believes that everything happens for a reason. She is a passionate doodle artist and also an avid reader. Apart from these all, she has a big heart to donate for the charity works. She often spends time clicking photos. She loves travelling also. After completing her schooling from Kolkata, she did her higher studies from Delhi and Warwick, UK. Currently, she is an investment banker and lives in Bengaluru.


“From Stressed To Sorted” is available at Amazon India.

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program. I received the review copy for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.





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