Blogging with a purpose: “I Bleed Red” #CauseAChatter

I Bleed Red

Red, is colour of rose, that reminds us we are as delicate as its petals, as strong as its thorns. Red, is colour of blood, that streams within you. Red, is colour of the boon of womanhood.

Red, is the boon we receive to be called a ‘woman’. So, why we should fear to spell, “I Bleed Red?” Red makes us fierce, Red makes us brave. We roar, we scream, we fight, we win. All because of this boon called ‘Red’. Because we have a stream of red within us, because we are blessed to welcome this ‘Red’ with our utmost courage.


I used the word ‘Red’ to write about the boon we women are blessed with, the boon called Menstruation. Unfortunately, in India, many women use such code words to mention the word Period. They can’t spell Period or Menstruation in public. I ask, why?

Why can’t we call menstruation by its name? Why can’t we take this biological phenomenon with utterly ease? Why this ‘period’ of women’s calendar is called a cursed one? Why women are not allowed to attend any auspicious occasion during this phase? Why can’t we go to the temple this time and make a prayer to the almighty?

I ask, why?

Menstruation is a phenomenon unique to girls. However, it has always been surrounded by taboos and myths that exclude women from many aspects of socio-cultural life. In India, the topic is still a taboo. Still many of us follow restrictions during our menstrual cycles, we are not allowed to attend any religious event this time. Such taboos about menstruation present in many societies impact on girls’ and women’s emotional state, personality, lifestyle and health.

To fight against this challenge, women must have proper education, and they should be provided an atmosphere to express their own views and opinions.

Why I chose ‘I Bleed Red’ as my cause:

I hail from a joint family. When I received the first drop of red, I was scared. Unknowing the fact, I rushed to my mother and asked her about my curiosity. I told her everything in details and asked her what should I do now? And she replied, “You are privileged, as you have received this boon. It’s a blessing for women. Now, your journey begins towards womanhood.”

That time we had eight members in our family, among them were three male members: my father, my uncle and my grandfather. Whenever my cycle came, my mother and my grandmother told me to speak low about period. We almost talked like a whisper those days. Some days, it happened that I was asking for clarification from my mother about something related to period, and my grandfather arrived that place. Well before his arrival, my grandma would have reached to me and ordered me to stop speaking about that matter. I wondered, why? I asked her. I asked my mother also. They kept telling me that these things are not to be discussed openly, in public or even in home when there are male members too live.

Unfortunately, this is the present scenario of menstruation taboo in India. Be it a joint family or a nuclear one, the word ‘Period’ is still spelled with some code words, and girls are still not liberal enough to discuss it in public.

So, I believe, this ‘Cause’ needs a voice. That’s why I am standing for this cause, to spread the word,

“I bleed red. To speak it aloud, I am never ashamed.”

I bleed red

I bleed red.

Every month, I bleed red.

When the days are around,

When the cycle starts its count,

I bleed red.

It gives me a chance,

To grow, to bloom,

To nurture, to transform,

To give birth, to reborn.

Yes, I bleed red.

It gives me the pain,

It gives me the reason,

To be someone of my own,

A woman, a daughter, a mother.

I receive the blessing to be called,

A queen, a warrior.

Yes, I bleed red.

It gifts me the purpose of life,

A way to live life to the fullest,

And to journey, beyond.

This is what I am proud of,

Surviving the fight, every month, I reborn.

Yes, I bleed red.

To speak it aloud,

I am never ashamed.

For in red, I find,

My voice, my glory

My name, my story.

Do you have such a Cause that needs to be vocal? Do you want to give it a voice? Cause A Chatter is a great initiative by Blogchatter. You can register for this campaign here. Together we will embark on a journey of blogging with purpose.

Happy Blogging!

5 responses to “Blogging with a purpose: “I Bleed Red” #CauseAChatter”

  1. Wow swarnali such a beautiful poem expressing yet another beautiful phenomenon that makes us woman, the symbol of growth the symbol of reproduction the symbol of life.

    Liked by 1 person

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